Global Child Safeguarding E-Learning Module - Feedback wanted

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    Hi there community members,

    We are planning on creating and releasing something that the community has been asking for for a long time - an E-Learning module on child safeguarding. We will be creating and releasing this in the next few months so I’d like to get some feedback on the content for it.

    If you could answer any of the following questions it would be really useful;

    • What areas or top questions on child safeguarding would you or your volunteers like to see answered/covered?
    • If you have completed a child safeguarding course in your area, what has been the most applicable/useful parts in a Dojo?
    • Do you have any top tips for Health and Safety in a Dojo? e.g. one is ‘taping down stray wires/leads from plugboards or similar to prevent a tripping hazard’

    These are the topic areas we are interested in covering in this module - do you have any ideas or suggestions based on this list?

    • Recruiting Volunteers Safely
    • Code Of Behaviour for Volunteers - Dos and Don’ts
    • Legislation & Background checking (Global, not region specific)
    • Types of Abuse
    • Dealing with a Disclosure
    • Health & Safety Tips
    • Quiz (Suitable/Unsuitable characteristics)
    • Scenarios

    Any other feedback on what you would like to see in this module would be welcomed :)

  • Hi Rosa,

    It’s a tough subject in The Netherlands. I remember joining the workshop @ dojocon '15 and being amazed at the amount of legislation there is available on this in Ireland. The Netherlands simply don’t have that unfortunately. We’ve been looking hard to find someone to do so such workshops / trainings here but it doesn’t exist (or at least we haven’t found it yet). I’ve even tried contacting several governmental organisations about it and they don’t know what to do about it either and send us in circles. The best we have at this moment is a Child Protection Policy template which dojo’s can copy and use at their dojo.

    We built this based on other organisations working with kids and our experiences with the workshop at DojoCon.
    This year we’ll also make it possible for dojo’s to get Certificates of Conduct for their volunteers through our foundation.

    Finally, for recruiting volunteers, we have an agreement which dojo’s can use for their volunteers to sign.
    It makes sure the volunteers are up to date on the base rules and the Child Protection Policy.

    Our templates in Dutch:

    Hope this helps :)

  • I think this module should include also indications related to sessions that can involve directly kids and their parents such as:

    • bullying and cyber-bullying;

    • everything that could help mentors/kids/parents to develop awareness, safety and knowledge on Internet use, overuse and abuse;

    • everything that can describe the online risks and opportunities tied to the social networks;

  • Great indications could be taken by the following JRC research that was realized by Stephane Chaudron, Rosanna Di Gioia and Monica Gemo:
    Together with CoderDojo Torino 2 we helped them to promote their great research even in public event. CoderDojo Torino2 or I can introduce to them if you want.
    The research (already available in several languages) is available to be reused as well but please contact them because they can add values to the this E-Learning module.

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    @Marco-Vigelini Really great ideas Marco. I know youth safety/awareness online is something I am hoping to focus our communications on during April, which I’m working with @Philip-Harney our content lead on. Yes that research looks great, i will definitely read through it! Yes, feel free to introduce us. If there are any other articles/research/ideas you think would be particularly useful for us to include or work from please share them too :)

  • Hi all,
    we also participated in Happy on life game experimentations, spread it in schools, and return input to its creators.
    Since october 2015 we are offering to dojo parents a seminar composed of several modules on the subject “children and awareness on internet”, held in parallel with dojo activities.
    This workshop is held by Lombardia’s coordinator of Informatici senza Frontiere (information technology professionals without barriers), in conjunction with a psychologyst expert in child disease and well being.
    Since september 2016 we introduced for parents IT Security themes with the help of the manager of the Digital Forensics Lab of the University of Pavia.
    In february we will propose also human relation subjects faced from a sociological point of view, talking about relations and emotions, because we think the problem must also be seen from its roots.
    Our association has also a Zanshin tech dojo, a dojo in which boys and girls (aged 12-15) learn how to raise their awareness when using digital media and device, and how to face and respond to potential threats and attacks.
    Hope this helps,

    Associazione comPVter APS
    iscr. registro provinciale n.118PV
    via del commercio 13, loc. Prado,
    Cura Carpignano (PV)

    IBAN IT26Z0335901600100000132739

  • FIRST in the US has a youth protection program if you want to reuse/borrow from its program.

    Personally I have been through the local Catholic diocese’s training program, FIRST’s YPP, and the University of Illinois Extension Child Protection Training.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback! If anyone else has useful insights please keep it coming as I will be pulling together the content in the next few weeks before doing the build of the course.

    I will also require testers for the initial build of the module so I can get feedback so keep an eye on this thread for that.

    Looking forward to getting my research done on this :nerd:

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