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  • I can’t see a way to view an attendance history for members checked in. Is this possible or on the planned feature list ? This would be useful for awarding attendance badges.

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    @Kevin-Brennan Hi Kevin, thanks for getting in touch. If you are using check in, ninjas will be automatically awarded attendance badges once they are checked in the first time as well as their 5th, 10th and 25th time.
    We had attendance viewable on our old manage users layout, but in order to make everything clearer in the new design it was removed.
    We haven’t planned to change the layout to include attendance in the manage users section in our development roadmap for the first half of 2017, as the development teams time is currently taken up with other high priority tasks.
    If this is something a lot of community members request, it could be looked at implementing.
    We could possibly add this so that when you Export User List, the csv contains the number of sessions users were checked in to. Would this be useful?

    If there is anything else that you would like to see about your attendees, let @Rosa-Langhammer know here.

  • Thanks Nuala, we had not been using the ‘check in’ facility, attendance was ‘ticked’ on paper only. I think it would be helpful if this information was displayed on the ‘badges’ page near the attendance badges.

    With regard to csv export, I think this would be good information to have included. It can be used to help review progress and help with prioritisation of regular attendees when places are limited.

    From the perspective of ‘a member’ I feel it would also be nice if one can see their own history of events attended in their profile page as a mark of progress…

    Thanks Kevin

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    Hey @Kevin-Brennan, awesome to get your feedback! We will definitely take another look at this and yes we completely agree it would be useful for you/you parents to see your attendance record - ultimately we want the platform to be an easy place for champions and parents to be able to check the progress of any individual in their Dojo. At the minute our roadmap is pretty cramped until May but we hope to do a full usability review during this time so we can implement changes such as these which make it easier for parents and Dojo admins to use the Platform.

    In terms of Check-in, yes this is really important so glad to hear you have been doing it on paper for record keeping purposes. We’d advise checking in on the platform so that you can pull this at any time in the future - this is really useful for child safeguarding and for health and safety. You can see some other reasons why to check in here >> and yes badges is one of these!!

    If you have any other suggestions for the Platform please let us know as the more feedback we get the easier it is to prioritise feature development. In addition, we often post mockups and ideas in the forums so it would be great to get any feedback where we can.



  • Hi Nuala, I was wondering where I can find the “check in” section?

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    @Nichole-Jasper Hi Nicole! You can find the “check in” by:

    • clicking on your name on the top right,
    • clicking on “My Dojos”,
    • then “Manage Events”,
    • click "Mange on the right on the specific event,
    • then you can see the attendees with tickets,
    • & click the “Check In” tick-box to check them in.

    Here is a quick video tutorial going through the process.

    The “My Dojos” page has been updated since this video was made. Below is what it looks like now (I have the “Manage Events” button circled in red) :D By the way, when you check in youths to your Dojo they are automatically awarded attendence badges!

    alt text

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    Also if you want help encouraging parents to sign up and book tickets on the platform you can use these guides for parents, available in English, Spanish, Greek, French and Italian. You can print them out so parents at your next Dojo can see how to sign up and book tickets for your next event on the Community platform :) Once they do it once they’ll know exactly how to do it the next time :slight_smile:

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