Open CoderDojo Community Call - 24th of January

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    Hi everyone

    Pete and I will be hosting the first Open CoderDojo Community Call on the 24th of January starting at 8 pm in the GMT timezone. The main topic of agenda is “Content/Resources” to which we will have @philip our content lead on the call to go through a number projects he is working on and to outline his 2017 pipeline. I have attached an agenda for the meeting and I would like to open this to you all to add additional topics you would like to on the agenda. If you have any proposed items/topics you wish to engage on at the Open Community Call I have allotted some time for this - we will be opening the floor up.

    Please find attached the agenda, and please refer to the second page for the “” call details. If you have any questions, feel free to engage with either myself directly or Pete. Looking forward to speaking to you all on the call.

    Your community buddies - Ross & Pete :slightly_smiling_face: :smile:

    Link to call details here

  • Hi Ross,

    That’s a great initiative. Count me in! ;)

    Best regards,
    Pavlo (CoderDojo Waterloo)

  • Hi,

    I can not read the Link to call details here.
    I would like to join. Will you update the forum?


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    Hi @Nicco-Kunzmann I have fixed it! :) :D

    Thanks for letting me know - creating a shareable link doesnt make it shareable, who knew!!! :P haha

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    @Nicco-Kunzmann here is the agenda :smiley:

    alt text

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    Community Call starting in just over an hour.

    If you would like to join on phone/tablet, download the app ( and enter our meeting code: 353-000-353

    If you’re using a computer, just click here >>> at 8pm GMT to listen, join in and share your ideas!

    @Pavlo @Nicco-Kunzmann

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    What an awesome Community Call!

    Thanks to everyone who joined, listened, chatted, commented and shared their insights on our Open Community Call Yesterday! :smile:

    Couldn’t make it?
    Fear not, we will be sharing the recording & transcript next week. Our next Community Call will be in March and aimed to suit an evening call for those in the Americas!

    Some highlights:

    • @Philip-Harney shared his latest content updates, the release of CoderDojo Sushi Card Generator using Gitbook to help the community create, translate, collaborate and share resources! He showed us how it worked by going through the Beginner PHP content he created with it, which he will be publishing in the next week.alt text

    • @Ross-ONeill chatted about our Erasmus+ project to develop Best practices for Dojos. He also talked about our E-learning modules and how to access them.
      alt text
      alt text

    • We discussed Bento Boxes with @Philip-Harney. @Pavlo then chatted about what he had developed as a framework for the same concept. Check it out here.

    alt text
    alt text

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