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  • Hi folks,

    I’m looking for general tips/advice on how to get ninjas up and running for the coolest projects event, i.e. how have people introduced it & when do you start discussing it with your dojo?


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    @KramKroc Hi Mark, great question. I know at our Dojo we mention it early. We told them at the last session of 2016 that when we came back after the holidays young people could start thinking up there ideas for Coolest Projects.

    I think It’s good to give them a lot of time so they can work on a few things before deciding what it is they really want their project to be and then have time to focus on it specifically.

    I made up this brainstorming guide for the Future Makers awards but you can print out the worksheet on page 4 as a template to get young people thinking up ideas for Coolest Projects as well.

    You can also encourage youths at your Dojo aged 13-17 to use our youth forums to discuss with other young people their ideas for projects and for project inspiration and help. Here are some youth blogs as well, that you can use to highlight projects other CoderDojo youths have made for inspiration.

    Encouraging those that tend to be less confident is also really important :smile:

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    Also in addition to what Nuala shared about, I always show the videos from the past two years. This tends to get most ninjas quite excited about the possibility of attending and participating.



  • @KramKroc Wanted to share some ideas for projects and where to start. There are also some of the sushi series that can be turned into projects for example:

    App inventor is also fun and accessible to CoderDojo Youth to begin with creating apps.


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    @KramKroc Hi Mark, just wanted to let you know you can still apply for a travel bursary for members of your Dojo to attend Coolest Projects. You can find out more here. :)

  • We got ninjas who had attended the previous year to explain what they did and what happened on the day - and most importantly was it fun. This creates a buzz. We use posters and flyers to let the idea linger and a few weeks later bring it up discussing ideas for projects. This is the biggest effort channeling enthusism to projects. Once you have one attendee the back is broken as the fear of the unknown disappears.

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    @bob-flynn That is a really great idea Bob.

    This year there will be youths traveling from more countries and from further away than ever, so it will be really cool to see the impact this has not only on the children who travel from abroad to the event but also the other children in the Dojos when they return and tell them about their experiences.

    I really love this video of Benedetta explaining her project last year :)

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