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  • Hello! I’ve been running a dojo from the university in Tilburg, the Netherlands now for a while, and it is a lot of fun! Another branch of the University is located in nearby Den Bosch, and they also want to start a dojo - I think there is already one in Den Bosch as well, but we figured the more the better :)
    They asked me to set it up in the beginning bc of my experience here, and then someone else will eventually take over to run it. However, I cannot seem to manage setting up a second dojo (it just tries to have me set up the Tilburg one again).
    Is it even possible to set up a second, separate dojo as a champion? If so, how do I do it?

    edit for added clarity When I follow the steps on the website to ‘create your own dojo’, it redirects me to the ‘setup your dojo’ page for the Tilburg one.

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    @Lisa-Evelyn-Rombout Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing. It is great to hear about the success of your first Dojo and how you are inspired to set up a second. :smile:
    I have seen individual Champions set up multiple Dojos on the platform, so I can tell you it is possible. However, I don’t know why you are having the issue described above.
    @Guillaume-Feliciano and @Daniel-Brierton our two software engineers on the Community platform may be able to help explain the issue in more detail, when they get a chance.

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    Hi @Lisa-Evelyn-Rombout,

    So, it looks like you’ve hit a bug! I’m 99% sure if you try in a different browser or in private browsing mode, it will work correctly. In order to allow champions to fill out some details and come back later to finish it off, we store the data input so far into the browser’s local storage. This is supposed to get wiped out once the application has actually been submitted, as it’s then stored in our database, but it looks like something has stopped it from getting wiped in your browser.

    I’ve created a bug for this on GitHub (, but in the meantime using private browsing or a different browser should allow you to work around this issue.

    Let us know how it goes, and we’ll be here ready to help again if needed. :smile: Good luck with the Dojo!


  • Thanks @Nuala-Nic-Éil and @Daniel-Brierton ! I will try it out in a different browser (was in Chrome now, btw) and see how it goes :) I’ll let you know!

    <edit: it seems to work now, thanks!>

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