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  • Hello, for now just two theoretical question to estimate efforts needed:

    • Which steps are needed to add forums? Depending on further decisions they could be
      "CoderDojo België" for Dutch Belgium
      "CoderDojo Belgique" for French Belgium
      or “CoderDojo NL” (NL from Nederlands = Dutch) to use for CoderDojo Belgium and Netherlands?
    • How to translate the forum itself (buttons, links, …) into Dutch and French? Most of ZEN has been translated, but apparently not the forum…


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    It’s fairly simple to add forums, but we try to keep the number as small as possible until we have a full sync of profile and creation of regional bodies (RB) in Zen.
    The main reason is the more you creates sub-forums, the more you can get lost, and they are atm, for most of them, visible to everybody.
    Once we have regional bodies, we should be able to properly “localize” an user to assign him to the right region/subforum.
    Regarding the language, it’s something configurable in your forum prfile (top right > forum profile > 3dots button > Setttings > languages.
    It’ll be probably missing a couple of stuff (like the navigation bar cc @Daniel-Brierton ) but most of the interface will be in the selected language. Same as regional body, we’d like to avoid ‘assuming’ the user language, so that RB may solve the issue (or a language selection from Zen in the first place that would solve others issues like email translation)

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano and Frank. We CoderDojo Stadskanaal are a new in NL. I like the way that we can add administrators and mentors trough Zen. I did aspect Zen to be the (coderdojo.com) to be the one and only site to subscribe and post events, and organize all the community communication. I find it a bit scattered around different platforms wichh is not so easy for new comming, mentors, ninja’s and voluntairs. (Chris our NL chairman explained to me that this is not the case).

  • Hey @Bea, good luck with the new Dojo!!! Zen is a continous work in progress so all feedback to the developers is always welcomed if you have specific usability remarks for instance. See --> https://github.com/CoderDojo/community-platform

    If you use ZEN fully for your administration you should indeed find all necessary tools (or in the near future).

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Bea Welcome to the community! To reiterate what Frank said currently Zen and pulling together all of our sites into one user experience is a work in progress. We hope to improve a lot this year, particularly by building a custom resources base to replace our current MediaWiki. If at any point you are confused by the platform or need help in general in organising your Dojo just reach out to us on info@coderdojo.org, on slack (https://coderdojo.com/coderdojo-global-slack/) or here on the forums :)

    @Frank-Delporte On the original topic - once you guys have settled on the regional body forum name @Pete-O-Shea can easily set up a specific category for you. I think probably one forum would be good and you can initially start two threads for the different speaking region, this way no-one misses out on anything. As Guillaume said it’s not yet super automatic at adding people to groups using the info from Zen (but someday we will find time!!). Instead you would have a link to a group that people can request to join and I would suggest adding a few active admins to accept requests easily.

    Awesome thread thanks for kicking it off Frank!! :medal:

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