All the communication will be held here instead of google group

  • Hi all,

    First of all I really appreciate effort to build this platform more interactive. So I have a confusion because we already using google group and now we have this platform.

    Do we use google group now? Or all the communication will be here

  • MegaDojo

    @Muhammad-Shakeeb-Khan Hi Muhammad, i believe the aim is to start winding up the Google group and start pushing people towards the forums

  • Hi Muhammad, Barry and all,

    Yes you are correct that we wish to move all forum activities from the Google group to these new forums on Zen, the community platform.

    The Google Organisers Group has for a long time been a great tool for bringing the communtiy together to discuss important issues but with the new Zen we hope to minimize the amount of different tools organisers need to use to organise their Dojo and engage with the rest of the community, this includes adding these great forums to Zen!

    If you’ve any further questions please do let us know.

    Warm regards,


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