Back To Dojo 2017! New Year, New Resources!

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    We want to help save you some time and effort in running your Dojo.
    This week, we’re launching #BackToDojo for 2017 to help you do just that!

    During January we will be showing you all the resources and advice available to you as a CoderDojo member, so you can be completely ready to start back at your local Dojo! You’ll find all the resources here as they go live each week!

    Week 1:

    • See how you can use all the resources we already have available with our ‘year in the life’ post, explaining the running, planning and reviewing your Dojo, from our Content lead Philip.

    • We will show you how you can create your #BackToDojo ticketed event, promote your Dojo using embeds, videos & materials already available and how to edit and create your own for free using canva.:smiley:

    Week 2:

    Week 3:

    • Get your mentors #BackToDojo & help support new mentors with our E-learning modules

    • Hear what other Dojos have been up to recently for inspiration, such as Tramore Dojo.

    • See what Ice Breakers you can try out at your Dojo

    Week 4:


    • Hear about all our latest content releases and our resource translation & creation tool for the community that we’ll be releasing very soon!

    • Parent Blog: Combining your kids passion with code to help your local community;
      Pat, father of Dillion (9), tells his inspiring story here.

    • See How Digital Badges benefit your child by encouraging them to learn new tech skills here.

    • Our last #BackToDojo release; New Beginner PHP content! See how you can learn to make a simple game using PHP here.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Last January we shared the above resources and advice for those returning #BackToDojo after the holidays. Many Dojos also return back in September from a area as as such we will be running another #BackToDojo campaign in August/September.

    If there is anything you would like to see included/added to our next #BackToDojo campaign starting next month please share it below or send a private message (Click “Chats” under COMMUNITY on the top right) with your suggestions of awesome resources or particular areas you would like more advice/support.

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