Have you seen the teams End of Year Blogs?

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    Have you seen the end of year blogs written by members of the CoderDojo Foundation? They told us about their own personal highlights this year with CoderDojo and their plans for 2017.

    Executive Director, Giustina

    Tells us how the CoderDojo Movement has developed in 2016, our key milestones and also her aims for 2017.

    Software Engineer Daniel

    Tells us about the dev teams priorities in 2016, what new updates they completed on the community platform and their aims for 2017. Daniel also asked the community to give their feedback on the platform, as feedback is essential for making the platform really useful for the community.

    Reporting Lead Rosa

    Tells us about her year working remotely with CoderDojo while traveling around the world! She points out her key achievements of the year and how traveling has enabled her to better engage with Community members globally!

    Content Lead Philip

    Tells us his top 5 content highlights of 2016. He tells us what he created during the year, what he’s most proud of and also his content plans for 2017!

    Enabling the Community, Rachel

    Tells us her top achievements in 2016, as well as her event highlights, including organising CoderDojos 5th birthday and attending EU Dojo.

    Community Lead, Ross

    Tells us what he has been doing for Community members in the Americas, Asia, Ireland and Oceania- two such areas he points out are regarding slack integration and regionalisation.

    Community Lead, Pete

    Tells us about his favorite memories of 2016 while supporting community members in EMEA. He notes in particular working with Riot Games and our Hackathon event with them and the awesome Coolest Projects Awards!

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