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          I'm PREMANANTH doing Computer science Engineering in private college Really  I wanaa to start a club in native (Salem,Tamilnadu ,india. I have volunteer experience in Coder dojo Erode,Tamilnadu. They also gave more support to me Already I successfully my new dojo Namely "CoderDojo Salem" When my dojo is listed to save and make more innovative people around my Rural area too.        
                                      Thank you

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    @PREMANANTH-S Hi Premananth, thanks for sharing :smile:.
    I’m really excited to hear about your Dojo! How have you found looking for other mentors who have technical skills to help at the Dojo? It would be great to hear how you found them in your area. How many young people are you expecting to attend?

    Once your Dojo is running be sure to check out the resources we have for Dojos here.

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil Aww, That’s Sweet of you thanks ! I’m awaiting

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