• Hi again

    I have sent myself an invitation to join our dojo and I was wondering if it would be possible and useful to change it a wee bit.

    0_1481795922055_CD invitation email for parents.png

    I personally, but that could be just me, dislike the “Hi there”.

    Then it is inviting people to become parents?! That sounds a tad strange, maybe invite them to join local dojo on coderdojo platform? Or something similar?
    Also to confuse non techy parents less, can we have our own logo from the dojo page? Can it say join dojo online rather than new dojo?

    I am in My Dojo, looking at lists of attendees I cannot see anything. Would it be possible to have a parent name visible along with displaying the badges of the attendees? I am telling all the parents to join because I thought once they do and I or another mentor award badges, then all in Dojo would be able to see the achievements.

    Once I clicked on attendee name this comes up and the drop down only has 1 option - badges, the rest is gone…

    Thanks for the excellent communication and hard work.


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