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  • Hi again

    We are rather large dojo and have cca 80 ninjas on average. Plus parents Plus mentors.
    Would it be possible to have folders or groups of members so for example we have them separated by function ie mentors / volunteers vs ninjas vs parents and another one where they would be grouped by topic / room ie Scratch 1 vs Scratch 2 vs App Inventor etc…

    Not sure I explained what I mean properly… I know you can filter users, could I have a grid view with groups / folders?


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    Hi again @zita

    You’re on a roll with all this feedback, we love it!

    So, if I understand correctly, you’re talking about both the Manage Users page and the Manage Event page?

    On the Manage Users page, you want to have groupings of each user type, so you can focus on just ninjas or just mentors, etc. Is this correct? Why do you feel the filter options aren’t sufficient?

    On the Manage Event page, applicants are already broken up into the individual sessions/rooms provided you have created individual sessions when creating your event. Further creating groupings under this may be somewhat difficult to keep clean from a UI/UX point of view. Do you have any rough suggestions on how this might look/work? In the meantime, I noticed that you can only sort the table by Attendee Name or Application Date. I think being able to extend this to Ticket Name and Ticket Type would at least help in the meantime. What do you think?


  • @Daniel-Brierton I will try to explain…
    SO I may need to see who is in the room, I click my room name. Then I want to give kids all a badge so I click kids in the room…

    I like your idea of sorting by ticket name and type. Super!

    Also can we have a filter to have all the kids displayed, not all separated by age.


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