• I am just registering kids. I will encourage all parents in our dojo to register but I was wondering if I may suggest some changes.

    Can instead of edit profile and scroll down
    (parents are not all good with digital skills so if it is not super easy they will give up…)
    we have a button somewhere at the top to register a child?

    When registering a child it says: Your details. It should be Child / ninja details. (some parents might not even know we call participants ninjas!)
    Then parent’s date of birth (also for subsequent entries - some have more than 2 coders!!!- remember the dob). OK This is meant to be ninjas, as it shows next to their name Can this be changed to ask for year of birth only please?

    Contact. Whose email? I entered the kids.
    Phone, linkedin, twitter should be removed as they are useless on minors accounts imho.

    I love how you guys change things and improve everything. Thank you so much.
    I hope you understand Im just trying to encourage non techy parents to participate.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @zita,

    Thanks for all the feedback! I understand where you’re coming from on these, this is all very valid feedback, which we’re always happy to get.

    We had talked previously about having a “first run” experience, where Zen will clearly ask something like “Do you have any children?” and make it easy for them to fill in their details before progressing to joining a Dojo, booking a ticket, etc. I’ll try to get some mockups done of this soon, and I’d love to hear your feedback when I post them.

    I’ve created an issue on GitHub for us to track what needs to be done:

    The only point I haven’t addressed in GitHub (unless I’ve missed something, correct me if I’m wrong!) is the date of birth, and how you’d rather only put in the year. @Rosa-Langhammer should be able to provide a bit more detail on this, but I believe the main reason we ask for full date of birth is so we can tell if the child is under or over 13, which we can’t do accurately with just a year. I’m not really sure what functionality needs this info though other than the upcoming “Upgrade to O13 account” feature, which will allow you to give an email/password for your child to be able to log in themselves. Rosa, is there any other reason (other than technical database reasons) we need the exact DoB?

    Thanks again for the feedback, we hope we can make the platform easier to use for champions, mentors, parents and children thanks to feedback like this. :smile:


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    Hi @zita unfortunately we have to keep the DOB requirement for a piece of legislation (US) called COPPA. This is why young people under 13 can’t (or shouldn’t!) have emails or participate on social media sites until they pass 13. As the leaders in this area (as you know from all your Child Protection training) we want to ensure we are positively reinforcing this by getting exact DOB in there - it also allows us to notify the parent so they can upgrade to their own account (by adding email) if they want to when they reach the age of 13 and when we have the over 13 account upgrade feature :)

    PS Keep the feedback rolling in! It’s awesome to see and helps us keep this in mind when developing our roadmap and features that effect these areas!

  • Guys thank you again for having the patience to explain everything.

    I have encouraged peeps to register so here is some feedback:
    I’ve set me up with my child as an under 13. I did it on the phone.
    The glitches I found were on the calendar for dates.
    It isn’t obvious to press onto the
    month/year bar for sub menus to pop down. Took a minute to get that.
    Second there is no option to add a picture - although
    the face part is set for it both
    on the parent and child.

    That’s from one parent. I am sure she registered but I cannot see her listed as member.

    One mentor registered yesterday, also registered his two kids. The dojo did not get an email to confirm him as a mentor.

    Another parents remarks:
    I registered myself as it wouldn’t accept my child’s birth date as under 13.

    She may have used her phone too.

           Also I am just curious... What happens when I use space a lot...
    I see no nidication in the editor that this is how it will look.
     I am not a coder( sorry for statnig the obvious) so pls kindly explain why this is appearing on black background. Is it where we should put sample code in? And how exactly to achieve this (I used shift return and space) So are the highlighted word reserved words and if so which language?
    Testing...  string int var double char bool short long double object public static void 
         What determines the color??? (totally off topic =) )

    And again HUGE thanks. The way you handle all this feedback and changes is truly exemplary!

    All the best

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Yeah, the date picker isn’t the most intuitive. I’d like to replace it with something with better user experience. I particularly like this one, but it would require a large rewrite of Zen to use a different UI framework, which is too big a task for us to take on right now. Having both that and Bootstrap would make Zen too bloated, so our only other option is to write our own one, which is again a big task. It’s something I would definitely like to look into, though.

    On pictures, yeah, the picture is actually hidden on mobile. I think we should definitely do something about this given the high usage of the mobile web. I’ve created an issue for it:

    With the registration, it may be that they didn’t then go on to click “Join Dojo” on the Dojo listing. I’m not 100% sure if they are joined to the Dojo after registering if they start off by clicking the button. They probably should, so it’s something we need to review. In the meantime, I’d encourage them to go back to the Dojo listing while logged in, and click “Join Dojo”. If “Leave Dojo” or “Join Request Sent” is appearing for them, but no email was sent or their not showing up under users, then it’s best to email/private message us with their details to investigate.

    And you hit the nail on the head about the spaces, it’s for code blocks! Our forum uses Markdown for formatting of the posts, and when you put 4 spaces at the start of a line, it will do code highlighting on the following text, like so:

    for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
      console.log(i + 'nth loop');

    You can also use three backticks (`) to do multiline code without putting spaces before each line. You can specify languages this way then, by putting the language name after the first three backticks (here’s Python highlighting, for example)

    for x in range(0, 3):
        print "%dnth loop" % (x)

    To be honest, I’m not sure what language it assumes, but it seems to work pretty well for JavaScript! :sweat_smile:

    We love getting constructive feedback like this so a HUGE thanks right back at you! :)

  • Mobile login
    Using android average spec firefox browser. Entered correct details. Says pass email wrong. Asked for new password. Same result.
    Same device. Used Chrome. Worked.

    Btw can the login and reset password have the same spacing between fields and submit button. On login its nice on reset a bit too close for chubby fingers on small screen ;)

    Also small thing. When on mobile I click my username and then on popup I pick My Dojo maybe it would be nice (see what others think) to have that popup close?!

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!
    Loove being part of this movement. To see how people work together and communicate with respect to help others. Awesome. So happy that one day one kid decided to hack his ipod…


    PS if u r on mobile press : in your replies / posts


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @zita Weird… I installed Firefox on my phone and tried logging in, and it worked correctly without issue. What version of Firefox are you running? I’m on 50.0.2.

    I also don’t see what you mean about the spacing on login and reset.

    alt text

    alt text

    Totally agree on the mobile menu. Actually thought that was something we fixed a while back, but obviously, I was mistaken. Thanks for the reminder, I’ve created an issue for it for us to address:

    Are you having issues with the emoji selection on mobile, or did you just realise it and want to spread the joy? :smile: :smile_cat: :grinning:

    Love having people like yourself pushing the movement forward, helping enlighten children around the world. Working together is the only way we can move forward and embrace the future. :blush:

  • Hi

    Firefox 50.0

    Here r some screen grabs…

    So u c spacing.



    Just discovered emoticons. Hey im the most enthusiastic kid in our dojo!!!

    Oh another one came to mind… How to turn on aproval to join dojo. I believe anyone can join after registration? Also can you make registration so we always see firstname and lastname?

    You guys stop encouraging me to give feedback… Im posting like mad…

    But honestly loving it! Why cant everything in life be like Coderdojo? Free and constantly improving with lots of teamwork and respect. I love Coderdojo. Never thought I would be part of it.

    Hey why cant I scroll in the emoji list?!
    Omg u have everything.
    :family_mmgb: :family_mwgb: :family_wwgb:

    guys you rock!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Ah, I see what you mean now. I’m on it!


    Once @Guillaume-Feliciano reviews it (and we fix our build), we should have it live. :slight_smile:

    There’s no way currently to have approval for attendees joining the Dojo, only for events. The only alternative is to make the Dojo private, which makes it invite only, but users can’t request to join then, so it’s only really good for schools and likes. I’m not sure what you mean about the first name and last name thing.

    We’ll never stop encouraging feedback from anyone! Even if it means more work us… :sweat_smile:

    Emoji list scrolling is down to a plugin we’re using for our forum. Pretty sure it purposely only loads the top 10 matches because otherwise, the list could be massive (there are 1,851 Emoji including all the skin tone variations as of Unicode 9.0, with more to come!).

    :metal: Rock on @zita! :metal:

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Just a quick update! The fix for the reset password layout is merged and deployed now. Thanks again for the report!

  • CoderDojo Foundation


    :clap_tone2: Well done Dev team!:clap_tone2:

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • 0_1481795825990_upload-a2f2d2a7-8016-4d3c-ab59-d7cd5a06f505

  • Hi again

    that was great.

    Now i have sent myself an invitation to join our dojo and I was wondering if it would be possible and useful to change it a wee bit.

    0_1481795922055_CD invitation email for parents.png

    I personally, but that could be just me, dislike the “Hi there”.

    Then it is inviting people to become parents?! That sounds a tad strange, maybe invite them to join local dojo on coderdojo platform? Or something similar?
    Also to confuse non techy parents less, can we have our own logo from the dojo page? Can it say join dojo online rather than new dojo?

    Thanks for the excellent communication and hard work.


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