Computational Thinking

  • In this site computational thinking is promoted? I am a teacher and I’d like to do some ct to my class. Can you help me?

  • @Μαίρη Are you on EUN academy courses by any chance? Do you have a FB account?

    Of course we can help!!! Thats why we are doing all this for free!!!

    Did you try out the Hour of Code, its the easiest way to start Coding Lessons and you have it in plenty languages! Gimme a shout if you need more info, plus Nuala has great suggestions…


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Μαίρη The link to Minecraft Hour of Code content is here You can also see the Disney Moana version here. These help introduce children and young people to the logic behind computer programming. These are very visual and engaging for those beginning, so they can get a taste of how code works before delving into more complex programming languages. These are also available in a lot of diffent languages such as Greek, as Zita mentioned. Also check out our resources page for more. :D

    Have you any specific ideas of what you would like to do in mind?

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