Advanced Scratch Sushi Cards

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    We’ve got another content release for you! This time it’s more Scratch content, specifically Advanced Scratch Sushi Cards that will help Ninjas build a platformer-style video game. I’m pre-supplying some of the code to get things going faster, but the fun parts are all in the Ninjas’ hands:

    • Adding more levels
    • Making new powerups
    • Creating enemies
    • Putting interactivity into levels

    The cards also end with a series of suggested extra challenges for the Ninjas to try.

    Accompanying this release is a matching Advanced Scratch Badge which can be awarded to Ninjas who demonstrate knowledge (which they’ll get by finishing the Sushi Cards!) of all of these criteria:

    • Cloning sprites
    • Using variables inside cloned sprites
    • Creating and using “More” blocks
    • Reusing code in several places with “More” blocks
    • Messages to trigger behaviours across sprites
    • Using variables to configure your program

    Let me know what you think!

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