Applications to showcase a projects at BT Young Scientist in Jan 2017 are live!

  • We are looking for CoderDojo Ninjas, living in Ireland, to apply to bring projects that they’ve made at CoderDojo to display at the CoderDojo Booth! The projects don’t have to be categorised and any cool project made at CoderDojo is eligible for application. If your project is selected you will be invited to showcase it for one of the days (either the 11th, 12th, 13th or 14th of January 2017) at the CoderDojo booth at the BT Young Scientist event in the RDS, Dublin!

    **Applications close on the 27th of Dec2016!


  • Hi Pete
    We have a group project which we would love to seen at the Young scenicest event the application only suggest one ninja per application is there ano option for more than one to apply?
    Skibbereen Coderdojo champion

  • Hi @rory-Jackson,

    Please have each ninja apply individually and use the same Dojo and Project name. We have the individual application as we need to collect the details of all the ninjas in attendance.


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