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  • Hi,
    I have added a number of members to our dojo but they are not showing up in the member list. The email invite goes out and I can confirm via the link, there is no sogn of them afterwards though. I have tried logging out and logging back in again. Thanks, Seamus

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Seamus, thank you very much for getting in touch about this, and apologies for the delay getting back to you. I have chatted to the dev team and it is a known issue. When someone registers from an invite link please tell them to click the invite link again and it should work. The dev team are hoping to fix this in the future, so the link doesn’t have to be clicked twice. However, as the team is two people and their time is restricted, it is currently not on their priority list to complete in the near future.

    Thanks again for getting in touch. Hope all is well at Árainn Mhór Dojo!, I do love seeing your tweets :)

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