Some glitches in Zen?

  • Have you been trying to fix some issues over this weekend? I and many of our parents and mentors had issues with registering for our session today.

  • As of now, I am not even able to create an event for our next week’s session. Could you please look into this at the earliest? Thank you.

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    Hi @Ruma-Singh we will look into this ASAP and get back to you. Do you know the errors/issues parents we’re getting and did an error appear when you were trying to create an event or can you give more description on this? Thanks for letting us know. :)

  • @Rosa-Langhammer I copied my previous event, modified the date and then clicked on Publish event - nothing happened. No error message.
    Also, today I sent an invite to one of our new parents to join our Dojo. She received the email and the link to join but when she clicked on the link it gave an error message - cannot remember what it was.
    Four of our mentors who tried to register as mentors for today’s session yesterday and today could not do so. Not sure what error messages they were getting. I was able to register them as mentors on my end by using the New Applicant button on Manage Events screen.
    In the last 2 days, sometimes the Manage Events and Users pages have not worked correctly. Sometimes they would not show the number of attendees against each event. Sometimes the filter for user type would not work correctly.

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    Thanks for letting us know @Ruma-Singh. I will take a quick look but @Daniel-Brierton and @Guillaume-Feliciano will be online in a few hours to investigate and see if there is a fix. We will update on this thread.

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    Heya here,
    We had our regular security audit going on this week end. It seems to have disturbed our environment more than we expected. Sorry about that. If you could please check and tell me if you’re still facing some issues?
    We’ll try to communicate a bit better next time, and of course, find an alternative to service disturbance. Cian is sortof working on it for the long term (proper redundancy) but it’s an architecture issue for which we can probably find a workaround in the meantime.

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano Thank you for your response! That explains it. Just now, I tried to create an event by copying the past weekend’s event. When I clicked Publish, it created the event with a Cancelled status and it seems to have deleted the past weekend’s event as I cannot see that anymore under Manage Events. Maybe your team is working on it as of now and something went wrong?

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    Looks like something went wrong, it’s not the expected behavior. Did you click “Create Event” > select “a previous event” from the top-right dropdown > click “Publish” ? Where did you see the “cancelled” status? From the list of events? From the “edit Event” page?
    We’ll have a look at it tomorrow, could you send me your dojo and event detail by PM meanwhile?

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano I clicked on Create Event–> Selected yesterday’s event in the dropdown of Copy from an Existing Event --> Changed the date to 11/20 and the session times to 16:00 - 18:00 and then clicked on Publish. This is the screen that then got displayed:

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano And then when I went to the Manage Events screen again this is what I saw but with the status of Nov 20th session as cancelled. It is now showing as published. But meanwhile the event for Session #43 that took place on Nov 13 has disappeared. That is the event that I had duplicated.

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano Do you still need the Dojo and event details or do the screenshots provide you sufficient info? We are CoderDojo Round Rock. Let me know what more you need and I will PM you.

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano Since our Nov 20th event did get publishes, our parents are signing up and that seems to be working fine so far.
    However, our Nov 13 session details do not appear on the Manage Events page at all. But when I click on the Nov 20 event to see who all have signed up, I see the Nov 13 event listed at the bottom of that page.
    Here is teh screenshot of the Events page with teh Nov 20 event details:

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano Sorry for all the typos in the previous post :-)
    Here is the screenshot of the bottom of the above page. If I click on View Attendee List, I am able to see the Nov 13 event’s attendee details.

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    THanks for all the details :)
    We’ll come back to you shortly, we’ve been in a meeting this morning, took some time !

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    Ok, so, from what I see : there has been a misunderstanding between sessions & event and/or a bug
    A session is more like a “room” dedicated to a language let’s say. An event is linked to a specific date ( for one-off) or to a regular date (recurring or term event)
    What seemd to happen is that the event from the 13th hasn’t been copied, but reused. Hence the second session (cancelled) containing all the user from the 13th of November and the fact that it doesn’t display in the list of events. Do you remember when did you try to copy the new event? Was it before the 13th? The UI doesn’t allow somebody from modifying a past event, so that if you’ve done it on the 13th or before, you could have edited it instead by mistake. Did you also had to recreate a session?
    Globally, you’re not blocked :p , we’re going to run deeper tests to ensure there is no “hidden” bugs that may have caused this and do a couple of tweaks to avoid further misundertanding (like this and help debugging (
    If it happens to you again, please notify us so that we know it still exists!

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano I’m sorry for the confusion between session and event. I was using the word “session” from an English language point of view and not from what it means on Zen:-) All our events are just held in one room all together - no separate sessions.
    So, after one event ends, I come home and then create the next week’s event by copying the one that just got over. On Sunday, Nov 13 I did the same. After Nov 13 event was over, I clicked on Create Event and then chose the Nov 13 event from the “Copy an existing event” drop down list. I changed the name, date and times for the new event. As I mentioned, initially when I hit Publish nothing happened. Then on Monday I tried again and it did publish the event but with a Cancelled status. A little later when I looked, the new event for Nov 20 was there with status as Published but the Nov 13 event could not be seen on the Manage Events page.
    The Copy function has always worked fine so I’m hoping that there was no bug introduced inadvertently. Maybe it all just happened as a side effect of the audit. We are fine with the situation as it stands now. Our upcoming event is published and people are signing up, so that’s good! Thank you for your prompt support!

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano Will definitely let you know if it happens again.

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    :thumbsup: in the meantime me and Daniel are working on making everything more stable, so that such a scenario may be discovered by our tests
    Thanks again !

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