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  • Hi everybody,

    sometimes not registered ninjas take part at our events.
    They book by phone or paper modules or they simply arrive at the dojo and ask “can I join?” :)
    Is there a way to “check in” these children after the event?


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Federica,

    We actually had questions about this at DojoCon a few weeks ago. There is currently no feature to cover this scenario. We have yet to discuss and prioritise this, so it isn’t on our immediate roadmap, but feedback like this helps us decide on priorities, so thank you as always. :smiley:

    What kind of information would you like to be able to store for unregistered users? There’s a thread @Rosa-Langhammer started regarding adding additional information to registered attendees, and if you have any input for that at as well, that’d be awesome.


  • Hi Daniel,
    we tell the unregistered ninja to subscribe to Zen after the event so we need a way to let them ask for the badge.

    Maybe we can check-in unregistered users by only Name and Surname, generate a code (eventId+something) and after they can use that code to confirm their check-in?

    About Rosa’s thread I’m collecting questions from dojos in my area so I can give you a list in a single post. Hopefully in a short time.


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