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    Hi all,

    I want to see what the appetite for keeping additional information on file about attendees is so we can prioritise and would like as much/your feedback from your Dojos perspective.

    • Do you currently keep additional information on long standing attendees (notes, date of agreements signed etc)
    • How do you currently store this information?
    • Any other details that can help us :)

    Example by @Jayne-Healy on Global Slack is that they get mentors and parents to sign an agreement when they join the Dojo and keep the date on file to see when it must be re-signed in future.

    It would be great to get as much feedback as possible on this - even if you do not currently collect any additional info.

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    Just want to bring this to peoples attention again as it would be useful to get more feedback on this :)

  • @Rosa-Langhammer We are just trying to decide on this, at the moment we are not well organised. It would be nice if we could have everything in one place: contact details for all, groups they are currently in, groups they were in, notes on skills mentors/ parents have so we can plan for future, calendar…


  • We collect this information about the users:

    • name
    • parents
    • telephone
    • mail

    This is in case of an emergency (never happened).
    Also, in Germany, children are not allowed to waive their rights in form of an open-source license. So, having written consent about the loss of rights by their parents is useful.
    We write on this document how the CoderDojo works, so they know how it is different from e.g. School.

    Other CoderDojos in Germany use the same agreement as we do. We copied it. However, CoderDojo Berlin worked well without it.

  • @Nicco-Kunzmann said in [Feature discussion information about the users:

    • name
    • parents
    • telephone
    • mail

    This is in case of an emergency

    we collect same for same reason. Nothing else as its wandering into complicated data protection areas.

    sorry should have said Dojo Castleknock,Dublin,Ireland.

  • Hi

    CoderDojo Modena - Italy collects datas in a file Excel:

    • Ninja’s and Parent’s Names
    • Phone numbers
    • Emails
      We use ZEN Platform, but some attendees find diffucult to record the account therefore many of them don’t use ZEN Platform and, to book events, most of them still send emails :-(

    I did a very simple Web Site with a few good functionalities


    on the left side:

    • Guest Book (click on the cute mouse who holds books) where kids can leave messages about the Events
    • Social Media bottons (you tube, facebook, google+)
    • Calendario (Calendar) with the dates of Events
    • Contact (only the email)
    • Class Rooms (where I can load the resourses I need during the Events)

    At the moment, we can manage quite well our Events with these instruments I created.
    We should make more functionalties, but I don’t get much help from the other Mentors who are too busy to grant a highter commitment.

    Ninjas ask us for more Events, but it is difficult for us to arrange more than 1 event per month. it is a pitty, but we are all very busy.

    By the way, during the events, we always have much fun and learn a lots of interesting and exciting things.

    Claudia Fazio
    Champion an Co-Founder
    CoderDojo Modena (Italy)

  • CoderDojo Denver would also like a place to keep additional notes for organizers/mentors about the students (which belt they’ve been awarded). This seems to be the only feature left missing for us to migrate completely from a combination of Google Docs, EventBrite, and a custom-written attendance tracker.

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