Verified Volunteers: Background Checking for Volunteers

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    There is a 1hr scheduled webinar with Verified Volunteers on Wednesday 7th October at 11:00 AM PDT, 14:00 East Coast Time (19:00 GMT). If you are interested in using Verified Volunteers to background check your mentors than I recommend you join, I can send through a calendar invite.

    The webinar will go over best practices when recruiting mentors/ volunteers, as well as how US Dojos can set up sub accounts (under the CoderDojo Foundation account) in order to avail of background checking. This webinar is specifically for US based Dojo.

    Note: It is hoped that shortly Global Sterling (the parent company of Verified Volunteers) will offer a similar webinar for Dojos in other locations wishing to use their service for background checking.

    Any questions let me know,

  • @Giustina-Mizzoni said:

    19:00 GMT

    Thank you very much for informing me about the webinar. Yes, I’m interested in participating and learning more about recruiting new mentors. And yes, I definitely would like a calendar invite from you.

    I. Markelis

  • I would love to attend the webinar. A calendar invite would be great.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi all,

    You can register for the webinar here

    Verified Volunteers – the only background check platform tailored to the specific needs of the service sector and the first online community to mobilize repeat, vetted volunteers – is now screening provider for CoderDojo.

    We will send a direct email to all US Dojos today as well, please invite any parent/mentor/champion that is interested.

    Talk next week,


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi all,

    The webinar for US Dojos is starting in 10 minutes!


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