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    Hey everyone!

    As you’ve likely seen, we’ve been overhauling the UI of the website and community platform over the last few months. We’re not done yet and want your feedback on some upcoming changes. First up is a big one for Dojo admins – the My Dojos page.

    We wanted to revamp this page to provide you with more information about your Dojo(s) so you can see at a glance if you have any pending actions you need to complete, statistics about your Dojo, or just to remind you of when your next event is. We also wanted this page to be much more welcoming for new Dojos, providing simple explanations and call to actions to get started on the next steps of running a Dojo. We also want it to work much better on mobile devices, as the current table based interface doesn’t scale well to small screens.

    So, here’s what we have so far:
    My Dojos Design

    The top card is what it will look like for an established Dojo that already has users and events. It will also let Dojo admins go back and become Tao verified.

    The bottom card is how it will look for new Dojos. They’re prompted to invite users and create an event. This should be a lot clearer for new Dojos compared to the current “Manage” links, and will hopefully make onboarding to the community platform a nicer experience.

    Tell us, what do you want to see on this screen? Are there certain stats you’d like to appear about your Dojo members? Are there other sections you think belong in the cards?

    Let us know below, so we can build the community platform you love to use!


  • @Daniel-Brierton Had a look at the ‘My Dojo’ section over the weekend as we’d like to start awarding badges to our ninjas & to use the event listing
    Tried to award a badge to 1 ninja. It took so long I gave up
    Would be great if u could c a list of ninjas & could award several ninjas the same badge (if applicable) at the same time Would love to award to EUCodeweek badge to 50+ ninjas but wouldn’t have the time if individual
    Would love to be able see a list of ninjas with badges already awarded & that the ninjas could c their badges too - Edmodo has good examples of this
    Would like to see badges for app inventor, work done with hardware like Kano, Rasp pi & also more badges for attending for 1,2,3 years etc We also have junior mentors & teen leaders so badges for those categories would be great
    How does a champion award themselves a badge?
    Would b great if a button for mentors to award badges only as not involved in admin

  • Another useful thing would be if you could see which invites sent remain unanswered for follow up

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Annette,

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    On badge awarding not working, we’re aware of the issue, and I’m currently working on a fix. At the moment, you can’t award badges. I hope to have it deployed today or early tomorrow.

    We’re actually planning on making a change to badge awarding in the near future where you will be required to input evidence when awarding. The idea of this is to provide more value to the badges, as you will be able to see what the user did to earn the badge. As a result, bulk awarding wouldn’t work, as each evidence is likely to be different. Regarding the Code Week badge, this will be automatically awarded to any user checked into a Dojo during Code Week. We have extended this time period for this week too, as we are aware many Dojos only operate once every two weeks and could miss Code Week as a result. This is the same for any attendance badge (1st Dojo, 5th Dojo, etc.).

    Ninjas are able to see their own badges on their profile, and with the addition of evidence, they’ll be able to see exactly why the badge was awarded, as will any parents associated with the account. We plan to make some tweaks to the manage users page in the near future to make it easier to use. Part of this is the ability to see badges awarded to a user, and filtering the award badge list based on badges that the user already has.

    @Pete-O-Shea or @Rosa-Langhammer will get back to you regarding the requested badges.

    Champions can’t award themselves badges, as the point of badges is to show that someone else has recognized your skills. We have plans to auto-award the Champion badge to Champions of verified Dojos, but right now, you would need another Dojo Admin in your Dojo to award you badges.

    If you grant a mentor Dojo Admin rights, they will be able to award badges. This will, however, give them full admin rights over a Dojo, which we understand you may not want to do. We have taken this feedback on board, and are now planning on implementing a feature to address this concern.

    When you say invites sent, do you mean the invites you’ve sent to email addresses? We do plan on adding a pending join requests section, where you can see and administer Mentor/Champion join requests for your Dojo, however, if there is demand for a way to view and administer invites sent to users, we can absolutely plan something for this.

    Thanks so much for all the feedback, it’s crucial to us for planning and addressing issues we may not know of.


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    Hi again @Annette-O-Donnell,

    Just posting to let you know we’ve resolved the issue with badge awarding. While there’s still no bulk awarding, you can now award individual badges again without issue.


  • @Daniel-Brierton thanks - will try awarding badges again later

  • @Daniel-Brierton great to hear of all the progress.
    Will be great to see ‘pending join requests’ to avoid repeat requests to volunteers/ninjas

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @Daniel-Brierton Hi Re "If you grant a mentor Dojo Admin rights, they will be able to award badges. This will, however, give them full admin rights over a Dojo, which we understand you may not want to do"
    Is it possible for a champion to award a mentor admin rights to allocate badges etc and if so could you give me a run down on how to do this? Many Thanks

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Marie-Byrne,

    Sure thing! Here’s a GIF showing how to do it:

    Make Dojo Admin

    Just select the user, hit the menu button on the bottom right in the action bar, and check the checkbox for Dojo Admin. As previously noted, be aware that this will allow users with Dojo Admin rights to edit your Dojo listing, so ensure you trust those that you grant these rights to. We are considering adding the ability to just allow users to award badges, but we don’t have any estimate on when this may be done.

    Hope this helps!


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