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  • I am looking for a python coderdojo in south Dublin but have no luck finding where they are held as a lot of dojo’s don’t specify what languages they run with. How would I do that? Would love to start one but my son, 16, said he wouldn’t come then! Maybe I could mentor on the other side of the room. Anyway, can anyone help me track down a python group please?

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    @Pat Hi Pat, I will tweet it out from the CoderDojo twitter account, and let you know if anyone gets back.

    Maybe someone else here might know of a Dojo?

    Searching Dojos based on the languages and topics they cover is actually something out dev team have in their pipeline to complete, but this will not be done in the near future.

    Has your son tried out our Python content? Here is the beginners Sushi card, and here is all our python resources!

  • @Pat, we run a Python Dojo every second Saturday from 11:00 to 13:00 in IT Tallaght. Unfortunately the college is closed this weekend for the bank holiday but we’re trying to book a lab for next week!

  • @Pat we run 2 sessions a week in @CoderDojoDL (CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire) - Wed night and Sun morning.
    We do not have a specific set of languages that we teach, but we support and mentor on whatever language the kids decide to take on. For instance we have a girl doing C++
    I had a go on Python last year as we had a few kids working on Raspberry Pi and sensors, and I’m getting a personal interest on it now…

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil thank you Nuala

  • @David hi David, that’s great. Are you using a ticketing system? They are not too keen for me to mentor, help, be there, but I think that they’ve will not care after a while; and I am more that happy to help out then if you need me to.

  • @Harold-Perez thank you Harrold. I will try out David’s first as they are currently running Python and see how they get on.mthank you.

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