Dojo Poll #2 - Kids in CoderDojo worldwide

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hey all,

    You may remember we ran a poll back in May/June and now with most Dojos restarted and active for the new term we wanted to do it again!

    Check your Dojo email to respond to our Dojo poll which asks the question; ‘How many attendees were at your last Dojo?’. Once you fill it out you will see your Dojo pin on the map and the counter will increase to show your impact on the global community. Check out the results so far here >>>

    By contributing to regular polls and the Annual Survey you are helping us get a handle on the impact the scale of the movement worldwide and helping us improve the tools we create for the community :)

    Just reach out if you have any questions about this Dojo Poll or anything impact related!

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