CoderDojo Tao: Refined Principles

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    Dear all,

    CoderDojo Tao (Recommended Practice) has been in practice among many Dojos for more than two years. Throughout this period, we’ve received ongoing community feedback on the core principles. This feedback has resulted in the review of all five principles and indicators. The main goal of this review was to refine the entire Tao process. We set the challenge of having a max of 3 indicators under each principle, to make it easier and more straightforward for global Dojos to align. Two principles were re-phrased, principle 4 (was Online Safety, now Digital Citizenship) and Principle 5 (was Review and Communication, now Engagement).

    The Start a Dojo Process is currently being redeveloped by the Foundation team, part of this will be clearly showing Tao progress after a Dojo has been submitted for review. This change will also enable Champions or admin Volunteers to review the principles at any time, and update evidence in accordance with each one.

    We welcome any additional community feedback on the proposed changes to the Tao Principles by the end of October. You can comment freely on the document here ----> In November development work will start for the updated principles to be incorporated into the Start a Dojo journey.

    Thank you to all Dojos who have gone on this journey to date, providing invaluable feedback on its structure.



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