Summary data for Dojo kids - # of sessions, badges, etc

  • Hi,
    I’d like to find out how many of my Dojo kids have attended 5 sessions, 10 sessions, etc. I thought there used to be a counter that showed how many sessions each child has attended, but I can’t find that under Manage Users. I also can’t figure out how to see what badges that have.

    Ideally, I’d like an easy way to list all the kids in my dojo, how many sessions they’ve attended, and which badges they have, but if I can’t get an easy report, I’d at least like to be able to see it kids by kid. Is this still available somewhere?

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    Hi @Ruth-Willenborg101 - we are going to be doing some further updates to the ‘Manage Users’ page to get the counter back along with connections between parent and child and emails so they are more easily visible.

    We can maybe look at adding this to export but for badges we were thinking maybe a filter on the manage users page - do you think that would be useful?

    Also we will be posting mockups for our new ‘My Dojos’ interface later today which will have summary stats for the Dojo as a while e.g. no of kids, no of mentors so keep an eye out for that and please give your feedback.

  • Hi @Rosa-Langhammer is it possible to get a list view of users under manage users?
    Also is it possible to view what badges have already been awarded to Ninjas in our Dojo? Our list is getting longer and this task (of awarding badges) is to be shared between champion and mentor?

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