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    To celebrate 5 years of CoderDojo :birthday: we are highlighting some of the awesome young people who wanted to share their stories of how they first got involved in CoderDojo, the projects they have created and advice they have for other young coders.
    Feel free to share these blogs with youths you know!

    Síofra’s Projects & Advice

    Síofra tells us about her two favourite projects, her blog & Yun camera. She includes a video explaining how she built the camera using an arduino yun.
    She also tells us about her dream job and gives this advice:
    Don’t be intimidated! Learn from your mistakes but never beat yourself up over them!

    Cian’s Projects & Tips

    Cian tells us about how he initially heard about CoderDojo and how he "didn’t even know an average person could learn how to code” before attending a Dojo. He explains how he developed the app ‘Open Share’ and later ‘Scaip’ with his friend Cormac. His advice to young coders is:
    NEVER GIVE UP. No matter how much you want to, DON’T. Trust me, it’s all worth it in the end!

    Sanjana diving into Web Developent

    10 year old Sanjana from TriValley Dojo, CA in the United States takes over the TriValley Blog, interviewing ninjas doing web development and giving her insight. She notes:
    Sometimes I get zoned in coding, I feel that I am in a whole different world! Most of all, it’s so much fun!!!

    Harvey’s Favourite & Latest Projects

    Harvey, a 14 year old Dojo attendee from Dublin, has been part of CoderDojo for the last 5 years. Here he tells us about his Raspberry Pi flying FM transmitter and other projects. He notes CoderDojo is ‘a great way to make new friends’ and gives his advice for other coders starting out.

    Luka’s Experience and Memorable Projects

    Luka, a 15 year old Dojo attendee from Cork, has been part of CoderDojo for the last 5 years. Here he tells us about joining CoderDojo, how “the classes really helped me make a lot of new friends" and all his favourite projects, including ‘match the moggies’ and a dancing robot! He says “the best thing is, to this day, I’m still learning".

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