Export button not working?

  • I am trying to work out how I can see the email addresses of the parents in my dojo as I need to contact one to double check he and his two children are planning to attend our opening event. When I click on manage users I see all the users registered in the dojo but when i view the individual users their details (contact details etc) do not appear.

    In order to get resolve this I tried to export the user data but when I click on “export user list” nothing happens. Am I missing a trick? Its the same when I go to manage events and click on “export csv”. I even had excel open in case this would help!

    Also is it possible to email all the registered users via the CoderDojo web system and if so how?

    Also when I try to export the list of names via CSV

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Try disabling your Adblocker :) It also contains the name as well as the email.
    The possibility to email users is planned (https://github.com/CoderDojo/community-platform/issues/947) but we need some time :ship:

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano HI Guillaume if you mean the ad blocker on mozilla or macafee both are unblocked but i still cannot see the emails of my dojo members.
    Also is there an issue with the export to csv button as i cannot export either? I could of course be missing something so please help!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    The adblocker only affect the export to CSV.
    The ability to see the email from the profile is planned, but at a bigger scale (visbiility of fields relative to your user type and relationship with the user; so that parents can see everything of their children, and mentor only a small part of it, etc )
    The only thing i see that could block you could be a permission issue (too closed). I’ll have a look today

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