Ideas for Minecraft in Dojos?

  • There’s obviously a lot of talk about Minecraft with it being so popular and now working its way into education. We already have kids and mentors interested in working with Minecraft when our new Dojo is up and running and I’d like to get some ideas about how others are using it (the panel at DojoCon was useful but I’m looking for more practical examples).

    We’re looking at modding with Python and the Pi edition potentially - is anyone else working with this, or are you using Eclipse/Java, or another aspect of Minecraft education? With the Edu edition going into all NI schools now (where we’re based), is there scope for getting licenses through the Foundation? Or are you just working with the Windows/Mac versions that Ninjas have already? How about tie-ins with Wonder Quest and Stampy?

    Have been doing a bit of background research (mostly consisting of playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on my phone to be fair!) but any ideas from the community would be appreciated.

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    We (Foundation) haven’t made progress regarding getting EDU licenses for Dojos as they are very much in pilot phase & figuring out their next steps.

    I was speaking to a mentor who has been using Scriptcraft in their Dojo - its a plugin for modding using javascript She said it was working really well, and the ninjas were very engaged. Haven’t used it personally in our Dojos yet, we started back yesterday and introduce Python which went really well.

  • Thanks Giustina.

  • Hi,

    We ran a couple of sessions in Swords using ScriptCraft, and also using Eclipse/Java. The setup for Java modding takes quite a while, if you do everything from Scratch - you need to download Eclipse, Java, Minecraft Forge, and then wait for it to build, which can easily take up most of the session.
    To reduce the setup times, I put together a package which already includes Eclipse Luna, JDK7u91, and all of the Forge 1.7 source code, so you just download and extract - no installation required.
    You are welcome to use it:

    1. Download one of the packages below
    2. Extract the package - Windows EXEs are self-extractable archives. Make sure that the path to the extracted folder does not have any spaces.
    3. Inside the CompleteForge folder, run resetWorkspace.bat – this will reconfigure all the paths in various configuration files.
    4. When it finishes, run startEclipse.bat

    For content, I would recommend STY Mod Development for Minecraft. I got this book when it was on sale for $15, and I have been trying (unsuccessfully so far) to make Sushi cards that everyone could use, without plagiarising the book too much.

    Good luck!


  • we use the pi version and get the minecraft world to interact with hardward via the GPIO

  • We’ve just started with Pi edition. Great fun making big blocks of TNT using Python commands, creating a trail of gold blocks or building an ice bridge. (Sushi cards here,
    or see item 9,10,11

    This guy shows a way to control Minecraft via Scratch most kids will be very familiar with both ( I think he’s the guy who wrote SCRATCH GPIO which Julian might be using

  • I only today came across a news article about how MinecraftEdu is available to all schools in Northern Ireland.

    So I contacted the organization behind the initiative, Derry Based group - Culture Tech.
    They said they are looking to expand the scheme beyond Northern Ireland, so I asked how we could go about facilitating this (I’m with Salesforce, I was hoping our foundation could help out)

    So Rachel, from Culture Tech, says they could come down to Dublin to run sessions if someone can help them finance the trip down from Derry. I asked what kind of sessions they run. she said:

    • “*We run events in community centres to get kids involved in MinecraftEDU. However we also run courses/ projects in schools focusing on a particular area of the curriculum. Also we have ran teacher training sessions. What I would suggest is for us to come down and run a project with say 10 schools (we can budget in getting the licenses for them- I’ll cost this out). We run one days training for the teachers, and develop resources for them to teach simple coding in Minecraft for example. *”

    I’m wondering if they could do this with Dojo’s rather than schools, and run one workshop for mentors to attend where they learn how.

    What do you think?

  • We’ve used Scriptcraft a couple of times. Once where we required the kids to have a licensed copy of Minecraft for PC and one where we used the Forge Launcher to get around the license check. The second option requires creating a large security hole in the CanaryMod server that allows spoofing of IDs.

    There are also issues with CanaryMod which shut down development in July and has some minor bugs that will never get fixed, plus will age badly as it falls behind Minecraft’s releases.

    Spigot is a good alternative and ScriptCraft is working on improving support for it. It’s also very widely in use, so a LOT of other mods work with it and that will make kids happy. BUT Spigot requires a pretty complicated build process to get around the DMCA against CraftBukkit. Their build tool does most everything for you if you have the latest Java and Git installed, but it’s technically illegal to share that binary with the kids. Use your own judgment.

  • At DesignerDojo we are running MinecraftEdu successfully. At our Dojo we concentrate more on design of the environment but I’m very interested in combining with programming. It’s great to have this topic being discussed here.

    Here you can download a freely available book I published about getting models from the internet (or from inside your head) into Minecraft.

    This creates the option of using a lot of fast modelling programmes to create content in Minecraft including models from Thingiverse, pixelsquid, 3DWarehouse for example.

    Here’s a gallery of what we’ve been up to

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