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    I’m delighted to share the updated and refined CoderDojo Foundation strategy document. This revised interim strategy has been produced after much consultation with community members, the community committee, CoderDojo founders and the CDF team. Its aim is to outline clearly and concisely the core areas of focus for the Foundation from this next and exciting period in CoderDojo’s growth. It is centred on three core areas:

    • Enablement: Equipping and empowering volunteers, ensuring they have the necessary tools and supports to start, join and sustain Dojos. Ensuring all ninjas have a high-quality experience, great tools and content.
    • Engagement: Cultivating a global connected community by creating opportunities to share and learn from each other.
    • Scaling: Growing the movement through a number of interventions to deliver the CoderDojo vision of every child in the world having the opportunity to learn about technology and how to code in a safe, free, fun and social club-based environment.

    You can read the document in full here -->

    Thank you to everyone who has provided input and feedback to date. Any further feedback and suggestions can be emailed directly to us via

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