Running Dojos in Libraries!

  • A large amount of Dojos are hosted in Libraries around the world. CoderDojo is an easy and fun new program that can be hosted by a library to give young people the opportunity to get involved in learning about coding and technology in a fun, safe and social environment.

    Why CoderDojo?

    • CoderDojo is a program that engages youth to learn more about coding and technology to address the digital skills gap.
    • CoderDojo is a project to promote the inclusion of all communities regardless of gender, race, religion or social status.
    • CoderDojo is a free to run and set-up is simple. There are free resources that you can use for the sessions.
    • Anyone can set-up and run their own CoderDojo with the support of another person.
    • Great way to engage your local community, give back and to make a positive impact. This can also increase local attendance of the library.
    • Resources are free and available here.
      Below are some videos from Dojos around the world that are hosted in libraries.

    Some videos from Libraries:

    Pros of hosting in a Library:

    • The perfect community and positive learning atmosphere.
    • Some libraries have the benefit of a space with computers that you can use.
    • Public liability insurance is covered already under the Libraries insurance policy.
    • Potential funding and additional support can be gained under different initiatives targeted on having a positive social outcomes.
    • Learn all about the steps involved in starting your Dojo here.

    If you are interested in starting a Dojo in your local Library contact the CoderDojo foundation team:

    If you are running a Dojo in a library share your exp and tips below. :clap:

  • Hello everyone! I’m an italian librarian and I’m champion of CoderdojoBrianza. We started in march 2014 in Vimercate’s Library (near Milan). In october 2013 we’ve seen a presentation of Coderdojo Milano and we’ve been enthusiastic, so we decided to bring a Coderdojo in our libraries.
    Now Coderdojo Brianza is hosted in libraries of: Lissone, Merate and Mezzago.
    Personally I had occasion to tell about of our experience in different conferences and professional courses for italian librarians.
    it’s important that the coderdojo activities is included in the context of the library where you work and that there is continuity in carrying out the project, otherwise it may not be understood by patrons or an end in itself.
    It would also be nice if, in addition to hosting a coderdojo, the library make available hardware (PC, 3D printing, robot…) and location where young people can find each other and work together on coding at any time of the opening, even when there isn’t a coderdojo in act.
    Finally, libraries are great gathering places and librarians can promote the connections between various experts, we could propose projects for our community or in cooperation with libraries around the world.
    I can share my presentations and my contributions to courses and conferences. At the moment they’re in Italian but if they affect someone I can ask to my colleague to help me to translate them in a good English.

  • Hi Debora,

    I agree that libraries need to know more about having CoderDojo as part of their programs and we are seeing an increate in the amount of Dojos that are hosted in these spaces. In a lot of cases the computer areas are available for the kids to use and this is a huge benefit to the Dojo.

    We have also seen that after a Dojo has been running in a Library for an extended amount of time, some, have used some of their additional funding to source extra hardware.

    How many kids attend your Dojo? and what content do you cover at the Dojo

    Please do share your presentations with me:


  • Hi Pete! We can host 25-30 kids for dojo during the library opening hours, in in a restricted area but visible to everyone. We’ve covered Scratch and Python, now we’ll start even with CSS and HTML. Kids have also asked us Minecraft, but we do not have experts at the moment.
    PCs that we provide are usually reserved to navigation or writing documents but I think it seats properly positioned and equipped for coding could make a difference and encourage young people to get involved, for example (It is not always easy to understand this concept) we could leave sushi cards, tutorials, posters or other materials that make kids want to find out what is fun to code!
    I send you soon my presentations and photos of our dojos!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Debora-Mapelli Hi Deborah! That sounds really great! Have you seen CoderDojo’s Digital badges?

    There are programming badges for Beginner and Intermediate Python as well as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced HTML/CSS badges. Children really react well to seeing all the badges they have earned on their profile :)

  • Hi Nuala, yes we’ve seen it! With new zen platform for registration we we hope to be able give badges more easily :relaxed:
    We also had printed some pins to allocate belts to our ninjas.
    Badges and belts are great ideas!!! :clap_tone4:

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