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    Trying out the beginners sushi cards in our dojo at the moment. The ninjas (particularly those who’ve just moved up from scratch) are finding them very helpful. We’ve no session this Saturday but everyone is going to give the challenge on card seven a go and we’ll review it as a group next week before moving onto the next set of cards.

    I wonder how other people are finding them

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    For anyone looking to find the beginners Python sushi cards you can find them here and the rest of the python content here.

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    Thanks for the feedback! Card 7 should be a bit tricky, but I think it’s a good chance to try to apply the tools to a semi-realistic problem. If they do hit issues, there’s a link in there to my solution to the problem. Obviously, theirs just needs to have the same effect, not the same code!

    Oh, for a bit of fun with this one, the game can be perfectly beaten by a standard binary search algorithm, out of your head. I like to take a bet with the kids that I can do it and then let them watch me do it a few times. One of them usually catches on and I get them to explain what I’m doing.

    As to the intermediate content, I’ve gotten some feedback on them from folks I’ve had test them and I’m already planning some tweaks and re-writes. I won’t have that done by next Saturday, so I really hope you’ll let me know what you make of those and I can factor that in too!

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