Create an event - enabling tickets on a specific hour

  • I was wondering if it is possible to create tickets that are not available as soon as you publish the event but they will be available on a specific time after your publication and, of course, before the start of the coderdojo session.

    Here is an example taken from the EventBrite platform.
    I have on September 14th published my event.

    My session will start on September 24th from 15 tp 18

    Tickets still aren’t available today (September 15th) and will be available only after September 17th at 20pm

    I would like to have this option because we usually give the event information exactly 10 days before the event, but as mentors we need to have our time to prepare it. We can of course not publish it and leave the event in draft mode, but we are more calm if we can schedule it in advance.

  • @Marco-Vigelini it’s in the todo list…

    actually assigned to me, but I’m not familiar enough with node developing …

  • Thanks @Frank-Delporte for your reply!
    I will try to follow your development

  • Hi everybody,

    same requirement for our dojo.
    Can you give us some updates on the development of this feature, please?


  • I didn’t succeed in adding it myself as this framework is not within my experience…
    So the challenge is open to others ;-)

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi All,

    This is logged as a feature request on github already. It is on the roadmap for events management but higher priority tasks are in line to be dealt with first, so it is unlikely to be pushed in the near future.

  • Can you be more specific about “near future”? :)
    What can we say to increase its priority? :)

    For us it’s a very useful feature. We need to publicize our events at the beginning of the season but it’s better to open registration only close to the date so more people can enter the dojo not always the same “faster” parents :) This way we can also avoid people who book for all the dojos and then don’t show because they forgot or get bored.

    I will wait for good news. Thanks.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Federica-Triglia This isn’t top priority for us and will not be completed in 2016 as it’s a nice to have. For now events can be created (and duplicated to save work!) in advance but you can publish manually when you want.

    We understand that a set publish date would save work for volunteers but there are some other key functionality i.e. booking flow for parents and waitlists that are must-haves for the community and are top priority in terms of events in this quarter.

    We are currently working on the roadmap but I would expect this in Q1/2 2017.

    As ever - always great to get contributors where we can for these great additions to the Platform ;)

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