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    We have not seen the wait list kick in after a ticket is sold out. We have made do with increasing the number of tickets sometimes. Right now we have all our ninja tickets sold out for this Sunday’s session and would like to have a wait list as some parents cancel closer to the date.

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    @Ruma-Singh Hey Ruma, thanks very much for letting us know.
    I’ve told our dev team about your experience. Our dev team are aware of the issue and are hoping to rectify the problem and improve the design. However they currently are involved with higher priority tasks so it is very unlikely they will have time to get to it before Sunday.

    To deal with the issue now, you could set up a waitlist ticket on the event. You will then have their details and be able to contact them should the tickets become available Here is a screen recording of how you can do this.

  • Thank you. Yes I will do that.

  • Hi Ruma,

    We have experienced the same issue. As an alternative work around I have enabled ‘Turn on Ticket Approval’ at the bottom of the edit/create event which puts automatically puts tickets to the waiting list until an admin approves their ticket. This is working out for us.
    Tickets can then be individually approved within the manage ticket event.

  • @Philip-Hennessy Thank you for sharing that. That is a solution too. I’ve used the additional Wait List Ticket type as suggested by Nuala for now. Let’s see how that goes.

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