Launching the first CoderDojo E-Learning Modules!

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    We’re launching our first E-Learning modules. These two pilot modules are made for volunteers to improve their knowledge of the CoderDojo Ethos and how to mentor at a Dojo.

    What’s Cool?

    Once you complete and evaluate either of the two modules you will receive a badge for your efforts which will be automatically added to your profile!

    How do I take the modules!?

    Just log in or register on our Community Platform. You can find the E-Learning module button on your profile menu.
    If you are registering for the first time, make sure you have joined your Dojo – remember the Champion will have to approve your request to join which may not be instant!

    Who should take the modules?

    All volunteers – from Champions to technical mentors to non-technical volunteers. We especially encourage Champions to get new volunteers to take these modules so they get a flavour of what CoderDojo is and keep it fresh in their mind when they start to mentor.

    For more click here

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  • Hi,

    really actually enjoyed the two modules. Got me thinking about how we could do things in a different way to encourage student led learning. Thank you very much! I also have an extra course that is about Running a Dojo but it seems to be generic content from KPMG. I presume that’s just there by mistake?

    Once again, great stuff, good initiative again from CoderDojo.


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @KramKroc Delighted you enjoyed them & they got you thinking! The third course “Running a Dojo” is a bug that will be removed shortly. It was created as a test module. We hope to create more E-learning modules on different and diverse topics so if you’ve any suggestions on what you’d like to see get in touch.

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