Creating/Managing Events Issues

  • Hello, we are just resuming our Dojo after summer vacations and have created an event for next Sunday’s session.

    1. When I am logged into Zen and click on My Events it says there are no events created for my Dojo. When I go into My Dojo I do see the event I created and then I click on Manage to see the details.
    2. We have had many people sign up but I am not able to go past the 1st page of attendees. There is no option for next page.
    3. Also getting an error code sometimes: Error loading Events: [object Object]
    4. On the Manage events page, when I click on Search by User type the field becomes blank. There is no drop down list to choose user type.


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    We’re on it, thanks for the report :)

    1. My events should be named “my tickets”, that’s going to change soon though ;)
    2. We’re going to look into it, it’s definitely a bug
    3. same as 2 ! On what page did that happen ?
    4. same as 2 :s

    Sorry about that, we’ll come up quite quickly with fixes anyway !

  • Thank you so much for your prompt response and action Guillaume!

    1. is fixed now - thanks!
    2. is fixed now - thanks!
    3. It was appearing on the Manage Events page - has not appeared today.
    4. The drop down list is appearing but no results are appearing yet. I guess you may still be working on it. It does show the number of attendees correctly for each User Type I select but there are no results on the screen. Instead, there is a message saying “there are no applications for this session”. Also, if you are working on this, it would be nice to have the option “All” in this drop down list so you can go back to the entire list of attendees without having to reload the page.

    Thanks once again for your timely support!

    1. The results for particular user type are appearing now - thanks! But it would be nice to have an option “All” in teh drop down list to go back to all attendees list.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    You can normally delete the filter (there is a cross after the filter name that is clickable) to avoid reloading the page ;)

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano ah got it! Thanks!

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