Nano - Create with code book HELP

  • I am currently on page 18 and i have inputted the code to create the links, but the links cannot be identified.
    I have tried a couple of times but it still wont work.
    Any ideas?


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    Hi Caroline,

    I took a look at page 18, and there doesn’t seem to be any errors in the code in the book.

    When you say the links cannot be identified, do you mean when you click them, it doesn’t go to the page? Do you get “Your file was not found” (or similar), or do you end of up staying on the index.html page?

    Check to see if your index.html, about-us.html, our-songs.html, and see-us-play.html are all in the same folder. If not, put them all in the same folder, and try open the index.html file in your browser again.

    If they are in the same folder, or that doesn’t work, paste the code for your index.html here and I can take a look at the problem.


  • Thank You.I have managed to work out why it was not working. Im Grateful for your response.

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    @Caroline That’s great. I hope you are enjoying the nano book. Be sure to review the book to let others know how you found it here: :thumbsup_tone2:

  • My daughter and I are brand new to the CoderDojo and have just started working through the ‘make your own game’ book.

    But we are completely stuck on page 10. We have got the console working, but we can’t get a browser to actually run our program.html file.

    It opens but just shows all the text from our file in the browser. Doesn’t say ‘Hello World’… and the console just stays blank.

    Any suggestions?

  • Can anyone help us?

  • This post is deleted!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Jim,

    It sounds like your browser is treating your code as text, which is usually down to the extension (the .html part) on the file being incorrect or missing. If you’re using a text editor like Atom, VS Code or Sublime, you can usually spot this because the code isn’t highlighting properly.

    If you are using a coding text editor, fixing this should be as simple as choosing File > Save As and then making sure you enter the full filename (program.html) in the dialogue box.

    If you’re using Notepad on Windows, or TextEdit on Mac, you can follow these instructions.

    You don’t have to re-type your code in any case, even if you have to move to a new file (which may be the case if you’re using TextEdit), you can just copy-paste it.

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