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  • Nearly a year ago I’ve registered a new CoderDojo at Nafpaktos Greece and created only two coding events. The thing is that on my account I don’t have a champion account and it looks like nothing happend last year. What can I do to fix this?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Mark,

    I have checked and you are the registered champion of the Dojo.

    Using your personal email address you can log into zen here:

    Then click the “my Dojos” tab to see the champion dashboard and manage events, users, award badges etc. If you are having any issues with this please contact me directly on


  • Yeah but I don’t have any badge for it in my account. Shouldn’t I have one? I also run two dojo events and don’t have badge for that ether.

    Thank you.

  • @Iraklis-Markelis

    I will look into the champion badge for you now. Can you screen shot your profile and send it to

    RE: The attendance badges for events are auto awarded to those that have attended an event that has been created on the platform, this is the only way that we can tell if you have attended the Dojo and auto award it. However these can also be manually awarded to those that are registered and attend the Dojo.



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