Changing champion

  • Because I’ve moved I need to de-register as champion of a dojo. How can I do that, and register someone else?

  • Hi @Áine-Uí-Ghiollagáin,

    You can get the new champion to register on Zen and then contact us on to update the new champion.

    Best wishes,

  • What can we do if no one is willing to be the new champion? Can we put a dojo into ‘inactive’ status? For instance, I’ve moved from the Iowa City area and the interim champion had to back out after I left but before someone(s) could step in. I’d like to see the dojo reactivate without having to rely on contacting me (i.e. I get hit by a bus, new mentors who don’t know how to contact me, etc.)

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    I understand your predicament David in this regard. It really is dependent on the dojo and how it operates. Say your Dojo for example. Could a mentor be a lead contact and become an inteirm champion until someone takes up the mantle? :)

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