Event embed: issues

  • Hi,

    when you use the “Embed me” code of an event there are some problems

    • the iframe content is English only !!!
    • the iframe shows the Coderdojo logo not the one of the current dojo. At least, it would be nice to show it smaller and next to the current dojo name.
    • there is a recursive “Embed me” link.
    • if you click on the “book” button, all the following interaction is restricted inside a small window. When you use Zen you need to leave the current site, it makes sense to go to another browser tab or window.
    • The book button is visible even for past events. Doh!

    Can you fix something of this list?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Yes we can :)
    We’re about to deploy some parts of our new UI, I’ll see if those still apply.
    Could you specify me which browser you were using?

  • Firefox 47.0 on Windows 10

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    The fact that you would like to have the share functionnality disabled is because you already have your own share action on your webpage?

  • Yes, we have our own sharing button for the article that includes the iframe.
    I don’t know if a user viewing our site would like to embed the event elsewhere too, I don’t think our user will find that link useful.
    But that’s a very minor problem, the “embed me” link can stay there and it will be ok anyway :)


  • The EventBrite embed was very good for our needs:

    • session open: the iframe shows info and a button to subscribe with info on remaining tickets
    • session full: the iframe shows info and a disabled button
    • past session: the iframe shows a"past event, event closed" text

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Quick reply to say where I’ve been since this morning:

    • The iframe isn’t in english only :) I’ts based upon your browser locale. If it’s not translated, it’s probably (and you have the right to say I’m wrong, it may be a bug ;)) because… it’s not translated. I invite you to have a look at our crowdin to verify/enhance if there is a missing string (https://crowdin.com/project/zen-community-platform)
    • I’m not sure we want the dojo logo there : when integrated, you’re already having the context of “where you are”, i.e : your dojo page. Adding it again would be redundant I believe, and make the iframe even bigger for no added value.
    • Embedded will be disabled, good catch
    • Redirection should have worked, and have been tested (again) in the new reworked version, sorry if it was not properly before :( I’ll have a look if it’s not Firefox related tho.
    • Again, good catch, added to the new version :)
      Overall, thanks, that’s with this kind of feedback that we can get a better solution for you all ! :)

  • Hi,

    here’s how the embed looks on our test page

    • the date is in English,
    • “one-off” stays for “one-time only” event?
    • Location, Sessions not translated
    • this event is past but I see the book buttons

    this is the embed code
    <iframe src=“https://zen.coderdojo.com/embedded/event/e8f3e941-5d3b-494a-ad06-6287319487c7” width=“500px” height=“600px”></iframe>

    1. I checked the .po file on crowdin and the translation is almost complete (there are several terms that’s better to leave in English imho) but there is no entry for “rooms” or “one-off” for example. Is there any other file to check? My browser locale it-IT
    2. I agree, but as you see in my screen capture, the coderdojo logo is very big. Can you make it smaller? to save same vertical space
    3. redirection still doesn’t work

    This year we have a lot of event to list (Hurray!), we really need to make them easy to search and book for our ninjas’ parent. I hope this can be useful to other dojo too.


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    We haven’t deployed it yet, it’s planned for tomorrow :) We’re running through a battery of tests from our highly skilled engineers ( :D @Cian-Butler @Daniel-Brierton )
    I think it’s already been reported that one-off wasn’t translated (see here for more https://github.com/CoderDojo/community-platform/issues/934 )

  • Just to close the thread, all issues have been fixed.
    Thank you very much.

  • CoderDojo Foundation


  • Hi, we’ve detected a bug

    The iframe shows even if an event is set as private in Zen.


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    I believe that’s not a bug, but up to you to use it or not when it’s private?
    The only bug I could see is that the quick registration workflow for joining those events may be wrong, as you shouldn’t be able to join the dojo since it’s private

  • Hi Guillaume,

    it was our fault because we opened the subscription and then changed our minds (it’s too early open now an event for the next year).
    I agree with you: the real problem is that you can register anyway.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Federica, what are you trying to achieve? If you are restricting the Dojo to specific members (i.e. children who attend a certain school) then you should mark the Dojo as private altogether, which means you must only invite members to join. They cannot join from your main listing. Then for events only people who have been invited and have accepted joining can book into the event. However, by making the Dojo public (i.e. anyone can join as a parent), this also means that they can book as soon as they join the Dojo even if the event is Private. If the Dojo was opened too early maybe a way would be to cancel the event, recreate and add ‘New Applicants’ of those who applied to the previous live event when it’s appropriate :)

  • Hi Rosa,

    the dojo will be a public event. We listed it and then the host asked us to delay the booking, so we closed the event on Zen. But I forgot to delete the iframe in our blog :( therefore a few parent have booked anyway.
    This is not a big issue: I’ve fixed the blog post and I’ve sent a message to the parents. They can keep their booking.

    For us it’s ok to show the event but the booking button should be disabled.

    I know there’s another thread about setting a time to open registration (https://forums.coderdojo.com/topic/198/create-an-event-enabling-tickets-on-a-specific-hour/8). This feature would be useful at time like this. We’ll wait. :)

  • We’ve also noticed that the embedded event has serious issues with the timezone.
    On the embedded version the timezone is wrong, http://www.coderdojobrianza.it/event/bernareggio-15-ottobre-2016-coderdojo-brianza/ shows 16:30 - 19:30 while zen shows correctly 14:30 - 17:30 (https://zen.coderdojo.com/dashboard/dojos/events/user-events)
    This may cause people arriving 2 hours late at the dojo, can you please look into this with some urgency?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Sandro,

    I’m looking into this right now. I’ll post back once I’ve pushed a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi again @Sandro-Bonazzola,

    We’ve pushed a fix for this. Timezones are always great fun. :sweat_smile:


  • Hi,

    there are again problems with the timezones in the embed and in the confirmation email:
    our event is 14:30 - 15:30
    the ticket says 15:30 - 18:30

    Because of this, last time a couple of ninjas missed the dojo: they got there 2 hours late. Their parents were very upset!

    Now we need to call each ninja, one by one, to confirm the right time of the event. This is a serious problem for us. HELP!


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Federica,
    Thanks for the report, I’ll look into it

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