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  • Hi,
    My dojo kids are really excited about the Python sushi cards. I want to do them first so I can help out. I couldn’t find the Download Python 3 link when following the cards:
    “To install Python, go to‐setup and click on the Download Python 3 button. There will be some other numbers after the 3, but they change too o en for me to include them. Don’t worry about them.”

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    There are two possible issues here:

    First, the dash character that’s actually printed in the Sushi Card appears to be slightly off: the link is It looks like you copy-pasted the link (a scenario I didn’t actually test because we’ve used printed Sushi Cards in all our tests). It looks like the rendering of the cards converted it to a hyphen. The difference is almost imperceptible to the human eye, but makes the links totally different to a computer. I’ll look into fixing it, but it’s not a problem if the cards are printed, which they usually are.

    That said, assuming you were typing the link rather than copy pasting it, you would have gotten to the Python download page, where what you’re looking for (right now, I don’t control this page so I can’t guarantee it won’t change) is the big yellow button that reads “Download Python 3.5.2”.


    Hope this helps!

  • Perfect. Yes, I deliberately used cut and paste so I didn’t get the wrong link… Anyway, I have the download working now.

    Most of my kids work on-line and not from printed cards so if you can do something in the cards that would be great. I printed copies of My First Website, and when I try to give them to them telling them it’ll be easier, they just look at me funny. So I wasn’t even going to bother printing the python ones.


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    Thanks for pointing this out! I’ll look into fixing them. I’d also be really pleased to get any other feedback you or you Dojo kids come up with. Feel free to mail it to!

    Update: I’ve regenerated the Python beginner Sushi with a newer version of the Sushi tool (releasing today, just as soon as I get all the docs up!) which preserves the hyperlinks in the PDF. The hyphen is still there if you copy-paste, but if you just click the link it works.

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    This post is deleted!

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