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  • I love all the new features of the new platform. But I’m having some issues understanding and updating some features. Sometime some features, like awarding badges, don’t show up until some period of time has elapsed.

    When I click on Manage, under Users:

    • I see all user types. I’d love to filter by user type and see all the lil’ ninja accounts only.
    • When I award a badge, it doesn’t appear immediately on their profile.
    • When I enter an email and send an invite, it’s not clear to the user that they are supposed to create an account. Parents and ninjas have asked me what were they supposed to do with link.
    • I can’t award myself a badge. Bummer!

    When I click on Manage, under Events:

    • It’s not letting me create a new event; or delete the event I created. I tried to create a recurring event but now I want to create one event for each meeting.
    • I suppose the link Manage next to the event, is where I approve applications to attend each event.
    • And Attendance is where I check in each ninja when they attend a session.

    I see the potential and I’d like to get this to work correctly. Any tips or behind the scenes tweaks you can do to help? Thank you!!

  • I also have problems with awarding badges, seem not able to do it.
    on the other hand, after I click on Events/Manage in the My Dojos page, I have a “create event” button.

    One key feature missing:
    I would want a recurring event every, say, first Saturday of the month. This is currently not possible, and I’ll have to create separate events instead.

  • CoderDojo Ireland

    I am also new to the Interface, when editing your profile, for the social feeds I found you had to enter the twitter and linkedin fields like this for them to work when you later clicked the icons

  • CoderDojo Ireland

    When I drill down on the Map of Dojo’s (Find a Dojo) the round circles containing the number of dojo’s in the area continually changes. As you zoom in the numbers seem to disappear (for example use Dun Laoghaire or Dalkey), when you are near to the expected location there is no number displayed at all. I would expect that there should be a 1 value when you get to the lowest level, and at that level it should show you the name of that dojo.

  • Hi all,


    • I have logged your request to be able to filter by user type in our open source here:

    • A user has to accept a badge before it will appear on their profile. The recipient of the badge needs to click a link in an email sent to them when you award the badge.

    • I’ve logged an issue to update the wording on the invite email, please do comment if you have further suggestions on how to improve this:

    • At the moment we don’t allow Champions to award themselves badges. I’ve logged an issue here to allow Foundation staff to do this, but I would like further community discussion on it:

    • On the Events issue - can you please mail about this with details of the issue - a - screenshot of the problem will help us to diagnose the issue.

    • Yes, you can approve applications for each event on the manage events page

    • Attendance is how you check in ninjas. We are going to combine the approval and check in sections into one page to make it easier to use in the next week.

    @Walter-Vannini I talked to you at DojoCon on Saturday explaining where to do this - please email us at if you are have further issues.

    Good to meet you at DojoCon on Saturday!

    • I will investigate the issue you reported with the social feed URLs
    • On the map, this is the default clustering that Google Maps provides. We’d love to improve the map, and I think this would be an amazing project for a community member to take on!

    We are currently working on instructional videos on how to use the system.

    We’re open to suggestions on the UX of the system - there are a few additions we will be making (adding tooltips being the main one) in the next couple of weeks.

    The system is fully open sourced so if you are interested in contributing you can see more information here:

    Best wishes,

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Roberto-Chiarotto - the Forum groups are specifically for Forum admin permissions.

    We may change this to make a group for each CoderDojo - but for the moment you can just join a dojo and showcase it on your profile at

  • MegaDojo

    It would be great if a new forum category could be created just for discussion on the new platform and its elements.

  • @Eugene-McDonough I think this is something we can think about when and if the support forum becomes too busy. We already have eight categories so I think it’d be good to foster discussion in the existing categories to start with.

    Would love to hear everyone elses thoughts on this!

  • MegaDojo

    @Ursula-Clarke-Everett150 Keeping it in with support will only confuse those new to the movement as support should be a place they find answers or ask questions on getting involved.

    The platform and it’s components are the most important project undertaken within the movement today and are deserving of there own category so that it is understood how important they are to the movement. A thread should be created within this category for all open issues that require any type of community input so that it is clear that you are asking for feedback.

    I would also love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, however as this thread buried down in support I am not sure if the right people are seeing it.

  • @Eugene-McDonough It’s wonderful to hear your emphasis on the importance of the new system.

    As is common with open source projects, we are keeping track of issues using Github. I have posted about the open source repository in this announcement thread:

    Looking forward to seeing the community become involved with Zen on Github! It is very popular with open source communities around the world.

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