Coding may be introduced in Irish primary schools

  • Fingers crossed!

    “Citing the success of CoderDojo coding clubs for children, Mr Bruton said the clubs taught problem-solving skills in a way that engaged and excited children, and should be learned from.”

    Kudos to the Irish CoderDojo community!

    Read the article here:

  • @Pete-OShea It is fantastic to think that the government is finally taking an interest in putting Programming on the curriculum. I’m so pleased!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Yes it’s great news @Niall-Kehoe.
    Ciarán Cannon wrote an interesting article in todays Independent about how there are innovative teachers already integrating coding into their lessons and as there are hundreds of mentors in the 200+ Dojos around Ireland it really isn’t such a big step to have it more widely included in the curriculum.
    Really it’s about making it more available to areas that are most in need. Making high speed broadband available in these areas would also help level the playing field so that any child can get access to resources and engage with coding in a creative way :)

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