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    As a result of new requirements set out in Charities Legislation.The Charity Regulator presented the board of CodeDojo Ireland (CDI) with two different options for registration and ongoing compliance with the law for the CoderDojo movement in Ireland. The first option being that CDI as the umbrella organisation in Ireland would register all Dojos and provide annual reporting to the Regulator on behalf of all Dojos. The second option being that each Dojo registers individually and reports directly to the Regulator annually.

    Following receipt of completed surveys it is overwhelmingly the Community’s wish (89.5% in favour) that if registration and reporting is required it should proceed on the basis of CDI registering as the umbrella body for the CoderDojo community in Ireland. On this basis CDI is now proceeding with Incorporation. Once completed the board intend to actively engage with the Charity Regulator with a view to agreeing as straight forward a process as possible with as little administration (both for CoderDojo Ireland and individual Dojo’s) in terms of gathering and consolidating of information an annual basis. This annual reporting requirement is scheduled to commence for the year ended 2017 so over the coming months once a process has been agreed we will be in contact with Champions in each Dojo to discuss further.

    In the meantime if you have any questions please direct them to .

    Best Wishes

    Karl Reinhardt
    Chair CoderDojo Ireland

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