Keep an eye out for Sparkfuns Almost Free day for super cheap hardware deals!

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    All you hardware enthusiasts and makers! I came across this blog from Sparkfun about their “Almost Free day”, basically on the 20th of July they will have a sale where 1000’s of items are €0.01 cent!

    Save the date: 7/20/2016!

    More info here:

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    Yea I heard about it too, here’s a bit more info:

    Sparkfun are selling 3,000 items for $0.01 each from 10 a.m. MT on 7/20/2016
    They’ll have 300 each of nine different board types and one mini LilyPad bundle.
    None of these boards have export restrictions, so customers around the world can participate.

    The 10 different products will all be represented as one SKU. That means you won’t know which product you get until it arrives. On Almost Free Day you’ll just add the “Almost Free” SKU to your cart, and if you make it through checkout before the boards run out, you’ll get one of the 3,000 boards.

    They’ll also have special offer IoT and wearable bundles going live (for $74.99) at the same time. The event will last as long as it takes to sell through the 3,000 boards.

    While all orders within the US over $75 will ship free, please bear in mind if you live outside the US you will have to pay for shipping, import duties & taxes. So take the time before the sale to assess all the costs and see if it is worth it for your Dojo.

    What to do if you want to participate in Almost Free Day:

    • If you don’t have a customer account, create one before 7/20/2016
    • Have your payment information and shipping information ready to get through checkout
    • Be signed in to your account before 10 a.m. MT on 7/20/2016
    • Have your cart filled with everything you want (except the one-cent board or bundle) prior to 10 a.m. on 7/20/2016
    • Decide if you want to buy a bundle and be ready to add it to your cart when it goes live
    • Plan on potential server crashes
    • Almost Free Day may result in shipping times taking longer than usual

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