CoderDojo Girls Introduction

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    According to the 2014 Global CoderDojo survey girls make up 30% of attendees at Dojos, this figure did not change based on the previous year’s survey. Although this is higher than the industry norm, the ultimate goal is for Dojos to achieve gender parity and for them to be places where all young people come to learn how to code and be creative in a fun and social environment.

    The purpose of this specific forum is to;

    • Learn from Dojos who have been successful in attracting & retaining girls
    • Create & share more content highlighting what works to get more girls involved
    • Profile inspiring female role models from the CoderDojo community

    To see some great CoderDojo Girl role models, watch this short video recorded earlier this year out at the DCU, IE Dojo.

    We look forward to learning from Dojos & reading about your experiences.

  • Thanks Guistina for posting this. One of the things we’re doing in DCU is holding an event called CoderGirlHack Day on October 10th. We’re tying it into the International Day of the Girl and EU Code Week.

    This gives me a chance to encourage more local schools to get their students involved. So far tickets are moving well. We’re also offering parents a chance to learn python.

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    Niamh, I saw that event online! Looks really great, I’m hoping to get out to it.

    What content are you using to run the session?


  • Hi Giustina, Niambh,
    I am extremely committed to an even gender attendance. We’ll be having our first (adult) female mentor on our next Dojo, and we’ll immediately start recruiting girl mentors among the most faithful and skilled attendants.

    I wasn’t aware of the Day of the Girl, but we’ll try and do something girl-oriented.

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    @Walter-Vannini Yes International Day of the Girl is October 11th! You can see more information about it here -

  • CoderDojo Ireland

    Great - working on this also in our Dojo…

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