Home automation / Domotica

  • Are there dojo’s that have experience with domotica? I’m very curious to know about what you did and how you set it up.

    I’m thinking IFTTT, Philips HUE, WeDo, etc.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    I’d be interested too, though as someone who plays around with this stuff a little in my personal life. However, I’d reckon it’s a bit too pricy to really get into en masse. With that in mind:

    You could get the attendees to figure out all the logic for a system using some sort of abstraction (maybe a library of functions you’d written to talk to sensors, LEDs, and other components) and something like a Raspberry Pi or Arduino and some sensors and LEDs. Then you could have a small set of the high-end hardware that they could apply the same scripts to, with a different library file that switches in the controls for the more serious kit into the same logic they figured out on the simpler (and more affordable) equipment.

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