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    As the CoderDojo movement becomes more global, and exemplar Dojos become harder to visit to learn by direct example, we want to offer volunteers, both old and new, an engaging and accessible way to learn best practices and methods for running their Dojos…

    Introducing the first ever CoderDojo E-learning modules!

    E-learning courses make up a component of our newly defined strategy (coming soon!) in which we identified the need to have more ‘Train the trainer’ content. E-Learning courses meet this need while providing several advantages over other alternative means of presenting the information. They are, relatively easy to translate; interactive and engaging; capable of assessing and verifying understanding.

    This summer we are undertaking the first two E-Learning modules as a pilot for the overall initiative.

    In September we will be launching an E-Learning Portal, which will be fully integrated with Zen, and initially releasing two modules for use by all current and new volunteers. These two modules are aimed at training the trainer, ‘The CoderDojo Ethos; Practice and Implementation.’ and ‘Mentoring at CoderDojo’.

    We are currently drafting the storyboards for these modules and we’d like to hear your ideas under this post for what you think should be included to help train volunteers, both current and new!

    We will also be seeking feedback on the first drafts of the modules in July so please ensure you follow along with our conversations here!

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback

    Rosa & The CoderDojo Foundation Team

  • Awesome idea!
    Besides the obvious (Terminology + Ethos) it might also be good to have a module about Child Safety (thinking back to the workshop at DojoCon 2015).

    Maybe also one more specifically for champions?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Definitely in our pipeline Christian! It’s definitely something that CoderDojo mentors globally are crying out for! Thanks for your feedback - if there are any other ideas that come to mind just ping them in here!

    Can’t wait to hear more from other volunteers on this!

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    Hi everyone,

    If you want to user test our Ethos and Mentoring E-Learning Modules before they go live please let us know by emailing We want feedback before our first two pilot modules from community members before we go live to the whole community.

    The first two modules will initially be in English and reviewers should bear this in mind.

    Ethos Module - Review period 5th August - 11th August
    Mentoring Module - 12th August - 18th August.

    If you can only review one module in these time periods please let us know.

    The two modules are due for general release at the start of September.

    Best wishes,


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    Has anyone completed the first two CoderDojo E-Learning Modules and received your Digital badge? :) It would be awesome to hear your thoughts on them if you have!

  • I have, and it’s awesome! :) I think it can really help in showing new people around fast.
    Will it be translated to other languages as well?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Christian-Vermeulen good to hear :D Right now we are getting the source files and we built the course with limited video content so this would be easy to do. It is likely that we will also be using CrowdIn, which we use for the Platform and for content, to crowd source translations from the community. After some small last minute changes we will get the source files this week and will be planning for translation!

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