[CoolestProjects] Win a Free Pi ! #CP2016

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    To celebrate Coolest Projects 2016, we are giving away a Raspberry Pi !
    What is a raspberry Pi ?
    Introduce yourself below and tell us about your favourite project you have seen today!

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    This post is deleted!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    My son Denis is part of Coder Dojo Nenagh, we have come to view today & it’s fantastic, his favourite entrant so far is the raspberry Pi retro arcade machine

  • Thank you so much for organising such a big event, I’ve seen a lot of projects, interesting labs, I’ve seen children creating technology for visually impaired people, for increasing children security in cars, for helping learning maths in fun ways, it’s so cool for us being here!!
    Thank you from CoderDojo Pavia!

  • We would love to win a raspberry Pi!

  • Best experience ever.
    Daniel from CoderDojo Oradea

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano Adrian Petre from CoderDojo Bucharest. The experience from #CP2016 was very incited and the project who I liked was a smart warehouse, which already wins two prizes.

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    @Guillaume-Feliciano @Guillaume-Feliciano Myself and my son Marcus (CoderDojo Galway City) went to coolest Projects, from projects making a homemade Retro Video Arcade built using a a PI and arduino to robots able to complete a Rubik cube, to the talks about IOT and the Gamers Summit the event was truly Cool, well done to all concerned.

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    Competition Update:

    In total on the day 31 parents/guardians signed up on Zen, the CoderDojo Platform (including parents/guardians of youths under 13 who went on to create an add on account for these younger ninjas). 36 Youths over 13 signed up to the Platform.

    Due to the reduced wifi capacity at the venue, not all those were then able to write on the community forums. We felt it would be unfair to exclude those who had signed up but were unable to post from the competition so we created a hardcopy list of all those who signed up to Zen at #CP2016
    One winner was randomly chosen from each list.

    In the Parent/guardian/u13 youth’s category Ritesh Bishnoi was announced the winner.
    In the Over 13’s youth category the winner of the Pi was Magnus Schlinsog.

    Congratulations to both winners and thank you to everyone who participated in the competition. We hope you had a great day at CoderDojo Coolest Projects. Don’t forget you can redeem your coolest projects badge for you Zen page by typing CP2016 in the claim box at the bottom of this page:
    https://zen.coderdojo.com/badges while you are signed in.

    All the Best,


  • Congratulations to Ritesh and Magnus !!

    I’ve been meaning to get a Pi and play around with one for a while. They look like great fun, I’ve only been able to use one while mentoring at Docklands Dojo so far :O.
    I’m sure both Ritesh and Magnus will enjoy them :).

    The Coolest Projects badge is cool also ! :)

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