Translation for documents (Online Safety)

  • Hey,
    are there translated versions of the “Online Safety” documents? (both for mentors and for ninjas)
    I need them in German.

    If there are no German versions yet, I would translate them myself and share them back with you. Please let me know about this issue.

    P.S.: Feel free to move this post to whatever forum you feel best for it.

  • Hi @Max-Schaufler,

    Our translation projects are online on CrowdIn here >>

    If you make a CrowdIn account you can join by visiting this link:

    Let me know when you’ve done this and we can make sure you have permissions to translate. I just added the Online Safety documents in English there.

    There are also two other projects on the CoderDojo account, one for Sushi and one for Zen, the website.

    Best wishes,

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